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Breaking: Ambazonian Abducted For Wearing Argentinian National Colours







Southern Cameroonian Abducted for Wearing Argentina Football Jersey.

This morning, August 8, 2017 around the Bamenda food market, we are told some colonial forces of La Republique du CameroUn ambushed a young Southern Cameroonian and bundled him into their van, then, whisked him off to Bamenda Up station Police station. They claimed that his T-shirt carried the national colours (white and blue stripes) of Ambazonia. But actually, the guy was putting on the jersey of the Argentina football team which looks almost like that of the Southern Cameroons / Ambazonia. And the practice is that they will ask for heavy sums as bribe or take him to dump at a Yaounde smelly cell.

Left: Argentina Football Team Shirt; Right: Ambazonia Football Team in national colours

Why are they bothering themselves? Now people cannot put on colours of their choice. Southern Cameroons shall be free. The military cannot defeat its people. In fact, Southern Cameroonians should buy more blue and white umbrellas, blue and white waste papers, etc.


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