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Schools Boycott Continues Until The Head Of Governing Council Speaks







Urgent Information : Schools Resumption

You may have heard or seen notices on social media saying school Resumption commences as from January 2018. Considering the fact School Resumption remains a corner stone of this our winning struggle, the people of Southern Cameroons deserved the dignity and a clear way path in announcing any change in school resumption. As such, any major change in policy like School Resumption must be communicated in a televised addressed by the head of the Southern Cameroons Governing Council or communicated in writing in an official letter addressed to the people of Ambazonia. Such an address or letter should be able to answer the following.

1. If our people will follow our new curriculum or that of La Republique we are currently fighting against
2. How will the teachers be taken care off
3. If any dialogue has been taken place amongst church leaders who owned schools.
4. What parameters are there to ensure that is effective to take care if one year school lost.
Schools resumption cannot be announced in the most hogwash manner.
At this stage, we are focusing on healing the wounded, burying the dead and most especially looking to the upcoming dialogue with La Republique after all preconditions must have been met. It is only after then we are hoping our governing council to tell us about school resumption and the way forward.

As such, BaretaNews reached out to the Vice Chairman of the Southern Cameroons Governing Council, Mr Tassang Wilfred and other Council members who refuted the fact that schools Resumption will commence from January 2018 as the official position of the Governing Council. All attempts getting to GC Chairman Sisiku and SCACUF Africa Spokesman has not been fruitful as they could not respond to BaretaNews queries. However, getting the Deputy Chairman Mr. Tassang on phone was enough to rubbish such a news. Therefore, any information going around the internet should be considered as a private opinion, unofficial and NOT coming from the Governing Council.

Mark Bareta

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