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CPDM Top Brass Defects, Blames Party Hierarchy For Fueling Southern Cameroons Crisis








Ndzi Neville Ndzi, a senior militant of the Cameroun People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM), has resigned from the party. The now, former Section President CPDM for Donga Mantung II Section Ndu, blames CPDM party hierarchy for instigating violence in Southern Cameroons.

Excerpt of the resignation letter

In a resignation letter addressed to the Secretary General of the CPDM party, Jean Nkuete, dated February 4, 2018, Mr Ndzi Neville Ndzi, says that he is switching off his political activities from the CPDM parties.

“In exercise of my legal and constitutional right to step down from a political party which is guided by law, I am writing this letter to let you know that I am switching off my political activities with the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement Party. I am a life time democrat so this has been a very hard step for me to take but I have come to the conclusion that no political party stands for anything I believe in. Furthermore, the reasons are many and have been accumulating since the start of the Anglophone crisis in 2016 in our country,” Mr Ndzi Neville Ndzi said.

According to the concerned Southern Cameroonian, the ruthless killings, maiming, and burning of the houses of the minority people of Ambazonia, is unheard-of. He blames the government of La Republique du Cameroun (LRC), for diverting resources that could have been used to make life better for the people, to constipating the military, so they can continue to rage havoc in Southern Cameroons.

“Our resources are being spent, horrible atrocities are being committed and even in which if care is not taken we will be in Yemen, Syria, Iraq. The continuous erosion of our civil right to the point where a village can be set ablaze, people killed mercilessly and I remember some years ago the President of Cameroon promised a 102 billion youth program but yet little or nothing has been done about it which makes me to question if it’s only the Ministry of defence that listens and implements the decisions of the president faster? Was it not easier for the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civic Education to have implemented this three years youth program so to have occupied many youths in our country?” Ndzi Neville Ndzi intimated.

He added that, “Today in Cameroon particularly the English-Speaking regions (Southern Cameroons), many youths now live in bushes, sleep under trees, many killed and anyone the government deems troublesome can be disappeared and this makes me feel like we are all “terrorists”. No one’s ambition should worth the blood of any Cameroonian be it Anglophone or Francophone, civilian or military.”

Which is why, Mr Ndzi Neville Ndzi added, is the core reason he is stepping down and out of the rogue party. He added that his heart is no longer for the party.

“I have been agonising for months now about this and I apologise for leaving before my term is up and I can’t continue to pretend that CPDM is still my party. There is no viable second party, nor third but almost all of the achievements the CPDM party has for the people of Cameroon have come from people working outside the political systems though it may not be recognized. See civil right activists, trade unionists, just to name this few,” Ndzi Neville Ndzi elucidated.

Mr Ndzi Neville Ndzi rounded up his resignation letter by calling for dialogue to reign, so the Southern Cameroons crisis can be solved.

His resignation comes on the heels of the convening of electorates by LRC President, Paul Biya, for Senatorial Elections to hold this March 25, 2018.

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – BaretaNews

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