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Interim Government Should Create Ambazonia Football Team And Get Involve Now








What stops the Doves of AMBALAND from registering and participating at the Olympics or the All Africa Games ?Absolutely nothing, when we’re eligible by law. Kossovo played international friendlies before their independence even though they were not recognised by FIFA. They even participated at the 2016 Rio Olympic games without international recognition. Based on its widespread popularity and global appeal, I firmly believe football can serve as an effective tool by Southern Cameroons to gain some exposure on the international scene.

Imagine the media attention that could be generated from a Southern Cameroons vs England encounter at Wembley Stadium. We could drop our application at the WEST African football Union (WAFU) , CAF , FIFA and the English FA. This would help expose most of our players to foreign clubs. It would also project the name of our country and put more pressure on La République and Biya. Moreover it would help instill some more love and unity amongst us since most of us are fans of the beautiful game.

Base on article 10 of the FIFA status we would not be allowed to join FIFA since our country is still under occupation by La République. But we will be allowed to to play international friendlies with other countries base on article 79 of the FIFA status.


Former and present Southern Cameroonian footballers with international caps with the Indomitable Lions of Cameroun should write a declaration to both CAF and FIFA asking them to allow us play international friendlies. Journalists , politicians and even footballers from friendly countries can help us with a support letter. The letter should be signed by our interim government and other international players.

We already have a national team, International stadium in Victoria, people, Country with an international boundary, Football teams and an unofficial national team (The Dove of AMBALAND)
We have to create a football Association and send our application to CAF, FIFA and WAFU.

Football has been La République greatest strength. They have been using football to preach fake unity. Is our time to use that same football to liberates our homeland.

Thanks Nganguh Delasius

Southern Cameroons political football Historian.

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