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SOBANS AND THE STRUGGLE: The Case of Musonge and George Ngwane










It is fair to say that Sasse Old Boys are part and parcel of the problem and same time the solution. While the husband of Akoson Pauline Diale, a strong Southern Cameroons advocate, is a SOBAN; Barrister Nkongho Balla, a SOBAN; Mark Bareta, a SOBAN too. I am very ashamed to have shared same school with Musonge who is also a SOBAN and many other SOBANS who are lukewarm and/or singing the regime songs. However, thousands of SOBANS are on the side of history. By the virtues impacted on us, we support this struggle wholeheartedly. And you will be shocked with the number of SOBANS at the forefront.

My thought goes immediately to the Bilingualism Commission where first class slave Musonge is the head. That one is a lost soul. I am particularly concern of senior Mualimu George Ngwane, who is a honorary SOBAN (my honour) and part of the bilingualism commission. Mualimu Ngwane is an intelligent, refined scholar who holds d strongly the two state solution. Most of you must have heard him speak. I am disturbed because this system has a way of destroying talents. This system has a way of making scholars go quiet such that they cannot even voice their concerns. This system has a way of just destroying our best of the best.

Since the creation of the so called Bilingualism commission, we have not heard Mualimu speak. Not even to give a personal opinion on the current state of affairs or on what the commission is doing. Since January 2017, when the commission was created, nothing has changed. In fact, we cannot see even an issue said to be done by the commission. Things are instead getting worst. My father and senior SOBAN is quiet. I know he has the will to speak but the dictates of the commission might be barring him. Mualimu was the first years ago to propose the said Bilingualism commission taking the example from Canada but it is evident that this commission fell far below what he expected. It is just a political tool like many others to give an impression that something is happening. I am sure Mualimu is disappointed. He should be.

What happens with Mualimu strong stance on the two state solution? What stops him from speaking out? Where is Mualimu? This system has got a way to hold people down and makes them a shadow of themselves. Today, many blamed Ayah Paul for accepting to improve his legal career by going to the Supreme Court as advocate general. The difference is that Ayah Paul never stopped talking. I guess this is the reason for his demise now at SED. Is my dad Mualimu threading carefully?

Can Mualimu George Ngwane free himself from the commission, speak out and resign? Can he even resign now that he seems trapped without government targeting him and his family? Can someone send this post to my dad and senior Mualimu George Ngwane? Oh what a lost.

Oh West Cameroon, Oh Southern Cameroons: How terrible have we suffered in the hands of the regime!!!!!!!

But yah, we shall be free someday… Oh deep in our hearts, we do believe, we shall overcome someday.

With Love.

Mark Bareta

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