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The Southern Cameroons Struggle Should Cause An Economic War







La republic ready war in Southern Cameroons. I am not surprise. They are even ready to go against their colonial master France in order to retain Southern Cameroons and here are some reasons why:

It is all about the economics. LRC has massive debts to settle and they were given these debts based on what they presented as their assets, 60% of which are resources from Southern Cameroons. Take away these resources and LRC will go bankrupt and default on its debts. The aftermath of this is that the country will experience massive inflation to the tune of up to 100% resulting from CFA devaluation. This will potentially be a total meltdown in their economy and will consequently drag them into civil unrest, similar to what is happening in Venezuela today.

Secondly, upon independence, la republique will have to import refined petroleum products from us to run its economy. This means their economy will be at our mercy. We can decide to increase tax on export by 50% and this will double or triple the cost of petrol in their land and you can guess the end result.The alternative is that they import from other CEMAC countries but this will be even more expensive considering the have to establish the equipment needed and means of transportation.

They cannot believe that the people who have lived quietly as their slaves for 56 years are just about to colonise them by controlling their economy. The odds are heavily stacked against LRC and even if France ask them to pull out of ambazonia (which France is seriously considering given the huge investment already existing in Ambazonia, SONARA for example is owned by a French company TOTAL), they are likely to refuse and hence the reason the are ready to go to war.

But remember America with all its might lost the war in Vietnam. The time and circumstances might be different, but the expectations are always that the one with the largest ammunition is bound to win, and yet they lost. When a people have risen, only atomic bomb can stop them and you cant afford one.

Eyong Egbe

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