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Morning Devotion: The Train Has Left, Restoration our Destination, Victory is certain



Good Morning Southern Cameroonians

The train has left, victory is certain.

It is common knowledge that this struggle did not start in October 2016, it started many years back as far back as 1972 when the fraudulent federation was fraudulently collapsed. October 2016 made the huge difference because of the android generation. Many Southern Cameroonians who previously had no support or idea of the Southern Cameroons struggle became interested and now championed it. Social media has educated and enlightened Southern Cameroonians of the history we were denied to be taught in schools and now the flame of restoration of independence has engulfed the entire Southern Cameroons from different age groups. The train has left and it is not going back. As such, nothing on the way will distract us, no matter how hard our enemies will try from blackmail to sabotage, we don’t have time for soothsayers and agents of destruction. The train has left.

Today, I got up seeing photos spreading all over social media of a GHS Bonadikum in Mile 4 Limbe razed to ash. One cannot tell who is responsible for continuous burning of schools. However, while we continue to denounce these acts, we also make it clear that Southern Cameroonians are very angry and some have been radicalised. No one can control anymore what happens the next minute. We can only preach against these things but we cannot control actions of those on the ground. Those on the ground are in control.

However, we all agree that the political organisation of a sham called GCE is the height of Southern Cameroons destruction and provocation. We saw yesterday in videos how students were wondering what they will write as they know nothing about. It is a sacrilege that La Republique should continue with such exams on our land since schools have remained closed for 6+ months now. Southern Cameroonians must continue to sabotage this GCE to protect our educational heritage.

Also, last night Tapang Tanku and myself issued a joint statement cautioning Southern Cameroonians not to take the special recruitment of Cameroonians with English Expression into ENAM. That is the height of political scam. The train has left, no time for cosmetic short lived solutions.

Liberation Ghost Towns continue on Saturday 20th May. Our biggest boycott. Like I have been saying, all of us are foot soldiers. We must make sure 20th May boycott and ghost towns are effective. Everyone must take unilateral actions to enforce and promote this ghost town. The train has left, restoration our destination.

Thank you for your support. Stay focus and do not be distracted. Collectively, we would keep on shaming La Republique.

Mark Bareta.
Bui County
Southern Cameroons.

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