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County By County Is The Actualisation Of Independence











County by County Is The Actualisation Of Independence

The Interim Government through the Communication secretary Chris Anu on Thursday, 6th September, 2018 announced that they are now going for what they call local by Local and not County by County in a new administrative dispensation that will be made soon especially when it comes to self defence.

I personally think Local by Local is exactly the same thing as block by block. A local government area or Local as termed by the IG is actually a block within a county. Take Fako County for example, Muyuka, Ekona, Buea, Tiko, Victoria, Idenau, Mutengene Etc are all local government areas or blocks within the Fako county. So local by Local is actually block by block. I personally think the IG has just changed the name from block to local.

There is therefore something very fundamental we are missing. County by County as beautiful as it sounds is the last stage in finally capturing Buea actualising our independence. We are not yet there. A County by County approach only works if one or two counties have been fully liberated and can now collaborate in establishing Amba administration. I think this is the more reason the IG has now officially go for local by local which is actually block by block.

What works now at the moment are the blocks. The blocks are the basic units of self defense. Once block by block has been effectively done, County by County will automatically fall in place. I know it is hard for some of us to lean on another’s idea but we can do. Today the IG talk of local by local and not County by County. Local by Local is exactly same as block by block. This is just a matter of semantics.

Rather than calling for funding for County by County, it is instead better calls for Block by block funding be increased so as to be more effective. The philosophy of block by block or local by local as now termed by the IG needs to be strengthened not broken. The basic units in a County are the blocks or what the IG now calls local (LGA). Take Fako County for example, Muyuka, Ekona, Buea, Victoria, Idenau, Tiko, Mutengene etc are all blocks or Local. To effectively liberate Fako, you have to make sure all these blocks or locals are liberated especially strategic ones which can define the moment, once they are liberated then the County falls. In Fako, you cannot liberate it, when Tiko Block still functions and the border at Mungo is open. An opening of the Mungo is gate way to more LRC terrorists.

The commanders within these blocks can collaborate effectively in a joint defense operation within their county. They can create a County structure or County defense council but they must not forget in liberating their blocks first because it’s the basic unit in liberating the County. A County cannot effectively fall if its blocks have not fallen.

In the case of Fako for-example, Ambazonians who are from Muyuka, Buea, Tiko, Victoria, Ekona etc should fund their blocks. The commanders will of course collaborate automatically. Once all blocks fall then counties will fall and when once counties fall, Independence is now assured because County by County will now be easy as they would have been liberated and marching to Buea will be actualised.

Mamfe is not a County, Akwaya is not a County, Tally is not a County, Kendem is not a County, Bachuo is not a County, Atibong Wire is not a County, all these are blocks within Manyu which is a County. So if you don’t fund and liberate first these blocks within Manyu especially strategic ones like Ikom which controls the borders with Nigeria then you cannot effectively liberate Manyu County. Another example, look at the northern zone where the fights are hot, Kumbo is not a County, ESU is not a County, Zhoa is not a County, wum is not a County, Bafut is not a County, these are all blocks within their Counties, therefore to make sure that a County is liberated eg Bui County; Kumbo, Oku and all blocks within Bui County need to fall but all these actions will be fast tracked once commanders within each county collaborate effectively.

So, County by County is just the last step to actualise our independence. Therefore, if Ambazonians want to shun funding all groups and IG to deal directly with self defense forces back home as many are calling, it is their choice and they are right to do so. The right thing to do therefore is to Fund your #BlockByBlock.

#CountyByCounty at this stage is not yet feasible. Even Lebialem County which has one of the most toughest group is not yet liberated because the blocks within Lebialem have not been conquered. Self defense Forces in Lebialem have been structured in one corner of the County. La Republique still enters Lebialem, fights and leave. By now, Lebialem should have been a no go area and our first County to have been liberated. If we had concentrated our forces within the few blocks in Lebialem, that County should have been liberated but we are far from that because the blocks which make up Lebialem County are still weak and occupied by colonial forces.

We will win the Ambazonia war of independence not with emotions but by tacts and strategies. We will win by strengthening policies that works even if it is not our ideas, bringing new ideas that add to old ones not by going around same things using semantics and hallelujah song praises.

BaretaNews is however waiting to see the final blue print of IG’S Local by Local administration and how we can push it through though.

Mark Bareta

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