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Burn The Flag That Annexed Your Land







Mark Bareta’s Statement: A brave action from Canada.

A few hours ago Southern Cameroonians in Canada visited colonial la Republique embassy to protest. In the course, they brought down the colonial flag and hoisted the Southern Cameroons flag. All Southern Cameroonians and nationalists must be aware that we are stateless. We have no embassies, we are an occupied people all because of La Republique annexation and yes we are an angry people who say enough is enough. 56 years of slavery and occupation is enough.

This is a revolution and not a democracy nor diplomacy. We have no diplomatic relationships with La Republique as such we can invade their embassies at any time until they let us go. Those few voices who are worried that Southern Cameroonians should not have hoisted our flag there must think again. That embassy represents the Cameroons and just as how we applaud those home for hoisting flags, we can also in an act of defiance like them hoist the flag at that land which occupies us. In fact, consider that space as Buea which has been occupied. Now is shooting unarmed innocent Southern Cameroonians who were just protesting not greater than taking a flag down? This is not a love story. This is a revolutionary act of an occupied people who feel annexed by another state. So yes they are angry at the occupied state and so brought down the flag of La Republique. In other countries we see dissatisfied citizens burning their own flag when angry or standing on them, USA is an example, what then becomes of another country which has been occupied another for 56 years? When we want freedom we should go for freedom and forget this political mastubation with no one sympathy for the occupier until they let us go.

It would have been different if one independent nation say Nigeria went there to hoist their flag of another independent nation. In our case it’s one independent nation against an occupied and annexed nation who want to free themselves. It’s an act of defiance and so I endorse. Burn the flag if you could. La republique flag is a flag of shame. It’s a flag that has killed my people for years, rape my people, steal our resources and render us helpless. Make the flag useless and if possible send the flag to the toilets.

We hope those in UK will take it further to higher levels and even paint the Cameroun embassy blue and white.

This is Mark Bareta.

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