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The Already Failed Biya 31st December Speech





The apologetic acceptance that there is an “Anglophone Problem”- what I called; the “Southern Cameroons Problem” is the beginning of its solution. That acceptance must be done by Paul Biya himself. He has got the opportunity to catch up on the 31st December, 2016, when he addresses this country. If he does not openly and clearly make this confession, his speech would have failed by 99.9% and must be rejected by the Anglophone community. In fact, a failed speech on that day will throw more oil into the fire.

Mr. Biya must not end at that.

He must be able to convince the people that he has changed government policy towards anglophones from “Assimilation” to a “policy of co-habitation of equal entities”, resolved to forge ahead in mutual respect to recreate a new nation within the measure that is necessary and acceptable by their collective judgment, piecemeal.

If Biya fails in these two on 31st December 2016, it were better that he did not even say a word.

Southern Cameroonians must not be carried by any bribe of a promise as he has accustomed the country to.

The Southern Cameroonians must not lead a government – dependent fight. What Biya does or says should not lead them, but follow them.

Let me say it that all roads must be leading to ALL ANGLOPHONE CONFERENCE (AAC III) as early as next year as possible. If you are a Southern Cameroonians, take this as your personal responsibility to prepare the upcoming AAC III.

Whether this struggle succeeds or fails will depend on whether AAC III is held. There will never be a better time to hold AAC III as of now. Syndicate leaders, youth leaders, diaspora, and politicians – all roads lead to AAC III.

The indefinite strike continues!

Aluta continua
Nde Angelbert
For BaretaNews

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