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France Hides Behind Boko Haram to Seek Franco-Nigeria Alliance Against Ambazonia



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France Hides Behind Boko Haram to Seek Franco-Nigeria Alliance Against Ambazonia

French President, Emmanuel Macron, stated yesterday in Abuja, Nigeria that his country cannot assist Nigeria and Africa solve the problem of insecurity but would intervene, in issues related to the fight against terrorism, especially the Boko Haram jihadism. However, so far as BaretaNews and bona fide Ambazonians are concerned , Mr. Macron visit to Abuja was to strengthen to seal a Franco-Nigeria alliance against the quest for Ambazonia.

While speaking to the press after meeting President Mohamadou Buhari, Macron, encouraged the Nigerian president and other African leaders to provide enabling economic and political environments for young people.

While answering questions on what assistance France could render to Nigeria over the violence being unleashed on citizens by Fulani herdsmen, the French man said even though France would intervene in some of the challenges facing African countries especially in the war against terrorism, it is not the responsibility of his country to solve Africa’s internal security problems.

“We discussed yesterday about this issue. But what is important to me is how the different African governments organize themselves to fight against terrorism and get rid of these people and especially jihadism. That’s is why I do accompany and promote the G5/Sahel Initiatives, and I think as far as we are organized, Nigeria, Niger, Chad, and Cameroon are very important against Boko Haram,” he said.

But is this what really took Emmanul Macron to Nigeria? To discuss the fight against Boko Haram? Is Boko Haram still a threat to Nigeria? Aren’t the Fulani terrorists he refuses to address deadlier than Boko Haram now in Nigeria?

Mr Emmanuel Macron was recently in Ghana and didn’t consider it necessary to visit Ghana’s nearest neighbor Nigeria, where France has some of her highest investments in Africa through French multinationals. But sine France cannot afford to see Ambazonia, her chop farm attached to her oversea province (La Republique du Cameroun) sleep away, Macron has suddenly found it necessary to visit Nigeria at this point in time.

Of course, it is evident, even in the eyes of a basic student of diplomacy and international relations. Following the trend of events in Ambazonia, particularly in the past month, Mr. Macron is hiding behind Boko haram to woo the Nigerian President to further aligned against the freedom quest by Ambazonians.

After all, the Buhari administration has already been collaborating with the rogue Yaoundé regime to destabilize the revolution, first by orchestrating the kidnap of Ambazonian leaders in Nigeria and deporting them to LRC in flagrant violations of international laws; and secondly by playing politics with the lives of Ambazonian refugees – when they refused granting permission for Ni John Fru Ndi, an Ambazonian opposition leader in LRC to visit the refugees in Nigeria with humanitarian aid.

Even in the face of glaring legal facts and justifications in the claims being put forth by Ambazonians, crocket and parasitic France still believes in manipulating these truths before the international community to forcefully sustain her colonial hegemony over Ambazonia through LRC.

Ambazonians have risen and have said NEVER AGAIN. It is time for freedom from the shackles of slavery and French colonialism. From the histories of colonialism and decolonization, the people of Ambazonia continue to insist that Ambazonia was NOT a FRENCH colony, and neither is it a Neocolonial French oversea province covered by the Franco-African Alliance. France cannot therefore get up in 2018 to claim ownership of the people’s land just because she has illegally exploited it for 57 years. That nonsense ends with this generations of Ambazonians.

No matter the multiple anti Ambazonian alliances, they wouldn’t bring peace or succeed in cowing the people to give up the quest for freedom. Since Mr. Macron claims France cannot support Nigeria to address the issue of marauding Fulani terrorists, the Buhari administration would first of all need to finish fighting the invading killer herdsmen before working in a Franco-Nigeria alliance to stop Ambazonia.

The independence quest by Ambazonians is an ideology and a spirit flowing in the veins of the present and the unborn generation of Ambazonians. It will only end when the people must have decided their destinies by themselves based on the underpinning causes of the present conflict.

James Agbor

BaretaNews Analyst

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