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How Quarter Head Allegedly Set up Massacred Ambazonians in Buea on Ghost town Day



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How Quarter Head Allegedly Set up Massacred Ambazonians in Buea on Ghost town Day

BaretaNews reporters have now gotten firsthand accounts from survivor victims and other eye witnesses in Bakweri town of how terrorist forces of La Republic du Cameroun (LRC) massacred more than 9 young men in Buea, Capital of Ambazonia, on Monday July 30, 2018.

The boys were playing different games (ludo and cards) while smoking weed in a popular weed joint patronized even by colonial forces; the quarter head, a retired warder set up the young men for execution; Some were killed on the scene of action while others ferried in a military hilux and executed in a banana plantation after Liongo village, towards Ekona. Colonial Mayor of Buea, Patrick Ekema showed up shortly after with AK47 wielding terrorist forces and seized the corpses to an unknown destination; how the life of a “francophone victim” was spared after identifying himself to the terrorist forces; all those massacred identified as native Bakwerians born and breath in Buea; how the family of Esambe Roland Ndune saw him dead in a vision and pleaded with him not to go out on ghost town days.

What actually happened to the Young Men in Buea?

According to a survivor of the attack, it was around mid-day when more than 10 of them (young men) gathered at their usual joint in Bakweri town – under a tree right inside the quarter where they always come and play bet games popularly known as” njambo” in local parlance. While playing their games, they suddenly heard a gunshot and saw one of their colleagues down in a pool of blood.

“I don’t know how I and others suddenly found ourselves running into the nearby bush. As we were running, we continued hearing gunshots, its only after the shooting ended that two of us came out of the bush as we heard people crying and shouting… I was shocked to see my friends all shot dead and soaked in blood” said a survivor.

Narrating his own side of the story, the second survivor told BaretaNews reporters that while he was on his way to the joint, he passed in front of the house of the quarter head Mr. Tonga, a retired warder and over heard him telling somebody on phone that; “they are already here playing njambo and smoking banga (Indian herm.)”

The victim said he didn’t take the phone conversation of the quarter head serious because he (the quarter head) knows very well most of the boys who often come to gather under the tree to play games. It was only after the attack that he started thinking who could have told the colonial forces that they were in that place at that particular time, considering that the scene of action is very faraway from the main road.

According to him, there are some colonial military officers who often joined them on weekends at the joint to smoke weed and play “njambo.”  As proof that it was the quarter head who allegedly set up the victims, residents of that quarter have given different versions of how he had been referring to the youngmen who often meet under the tree to smoke and play games as Amba boys.

The population gathered the four corpses in the neighborhood and identified them to be all children of the neighborhood born and breath in Buea. As the mourning and waling was ongoing, the colonial mayor of Buea suddenly showed up with a gun guided by a group of colonial forces. He demanded the youths to bring forth all the corpses which they then ferried away to an unknown destination.

How Esambe Roland was Killed and how family members begged him not to go out

As all these were happening, the population did not know that other victims were shot and they ran and died in the nearby bushes, while three others were caught and ferried away in the military hilux after the attack. It was only two days that the corpses of the other six victims were discovered, including that of Esambe Roland Ndune, a resident of Sandpit, who was arrested alongside two others, including a francophone (who was later released) and the other two executed in the banana plantation after Liongo village.

Sources close to the Esambe family say that according to two of the survivors, the colonial forces arrive the joint when they were playing ludo game. Among the LRC military terrorists was an anglophone guy who was leading the way and knows Esambe Roland aka Grand Dakwas very well. According to the story, the Ambazonian born military terrorist motioned to Grand Dakwas and his friends to run for their lives and fired a warning shot into the air.

As they started running they were pursued by the other terrorist forces, shot the others and caught two of them. Dakwas was shot on the leg and also caught while two others escaped unhurt. The three arrested were carried inside the military vehicle and in the course of ferrying them to the execution site, they discovered the Francophone guy among the three and he was set free.

They then took Dakwas and the other victim to the plantation at Liongo just after Muea, tied their hands and faces then shot, killed and dumped their bodies there. The family of Esambe Roland was thus alerted by the guys who successfully escaped after they did not see him among those shot dead. It was later the freed Francophone guy came to report that Esambe Roland aka Dakwas and another person were taken away. Their corpses were later discovered on Wednesday in the Mousaka banana Plantation already in a state of decomposition.

According to our source, family members forewarned Dakwas that morning pleading that he should not go out as they had dreams that he was shot by the military. “Even his small boy child held him that morning not to go out until he (Dakwas) pulled himself away from the child and went before this unfortunate incident happened to him.” The source added.

The various accounts on the massacre have all the proofs of a well-orchestrated incident with the quarter head, retired Warder Tonga and other high-level personalities within the municipality allegedly  in the know of what happened. Considering the fact that 98% percent of the victims are native Bakwerians, does it therefore corroborate the claim by some Men of God in Buea that there is a grand occultic agenda to spill the blood of a good number of young Bakwerians for electioneering sacrifices in LRC like the Santa elites already allegedly did in the Piyin-Menka Massacre?

Agbor James

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  1. Ambe

    August 3, 2018 at 10:52 AM

    We are not leaving anything to chance. The Francophone guy was set free is part of the conspiracy. It does not matter what he reported later about those who were taken away. That is just a decoy to make people belief in his innocence.

  2. Mbeuh

    August 3, 2018 at 1:36 PM

    Let me digress a bit from the rubric of this news post. Yesterday I read from an online French Cameroun newspaper, information of France’s boyish Macron extending an invitation to dictator Biya to attend a Paris summit on peace. I’ll post the link below. But here is the kicker. Paul Barthélemy Biya’a bi Mvondo has scheduled his re-(s)election bid on October the 7th, 2018. The summit that Macron is inviting him to attend (as head of state of his country Cameroun) is scheduled for November 12-14, 2018. Now it shouldn’t take a form 1 student to clearly see that the so called presidential election in Cameroun is an exercise in futility to fool the world, since Biya’s schedule of activities as head of state extends over a month after elections that are yet to hold and the winner declared. Go figure the connection of the French vassal state of Cameroun to its benefactor, the occupant of Élysée Palace.

    To the young men who lost their lives to the trigger happy killers from LRC, may their souls RIP.

  3. Janice Beyongsi

    August 3, 2018 at 4:48 PM

    Ugly STUTTERER BABOON KIBARINKO FACED NKANE PICKIN Mark WIRKI SHit Ntum!Why are you so dumb??Why sit behind a keyboard and screen and utilize tools set up by the white man to raise funds and kill your own kind!This is the price to pay for not being realistic.There is no hope to our youth because of your hallucination and illusion.They had a social order and lived on less than 1000 frs cfa a day now they cannot afford 200frs cfa and have resorted to DRUGS!Who is to blame?The PUTATIVE Republic of Amabazonia set up by nobody.The white man set up his capital in Buea when we walked around naked.He taught us his language on put clothes on our backs!yes he clothed the BARBARIANS.There was no Ambazonia.Stop frustrating GULLIBLE minds and talking about the route to Buea!Nobody has endorsed your cause and nobody will.Now young men have no option but to hang out,FUCK,Kidnap for ransomes, storm markets and private property and even mount roadblocks extorting money from emaciated poor voiceless souls.Despite General Odeshi, we are now living in the BUSHES,FUCKING in the bushes, Sleeping in trees and drinking maggot infested water (TUMBU WATER).What the fuck is wrong with you monkeys?We shall smoke more BANGA (weed) and more chickens willo come home to roost courtesy of Ambazonia.We are on our way to BAMENDA -the GRAFFI capital of the online republic.Leave our GBEA alone you MUNJIONGNIs and Cam no Gos!

    • saa

      August 5, 2018 at 2:46 AM

      Bassa fool. ‘Endorse’ our course or not. Who cares. We are Ambazonians. Total Independence is our goal and that is where 99% of Ambas are heading whether you frenchee nigga mentality like it or not. IT IS A GOD ORDAINED STRUGGLE!!!!!

  4. Mukong

    August 3, 2018 at 6:16 PM

    These Beti/Bulu/Ewondo criminals think by speaking and acting in their stupid ways, it will make Ambazonians to succumb to their macaque primitive ways should understand that they will answer for all the criminalistics that they have perpetuated in our land. At this juncture, the focus is on purging the traitors that are in our communities starting with the likes of ekema Patrick. The fact that this bootlicker will go to any length to make himself relevant including participation in the killing of unarmed civilians is justification that he should not live to see the light of the next day.

    • Jojo

      August 4, 2018 at 1:32 AM

      @Mukong and others, we Cameroonians would stand by our brothers and sisters from SW and push your devilish organisation back to where you belong.
      Again: Leave the South West alone they didn’t create this, you started the hole thing. As our hero Mayor said, you are still being warned.
      Note that People from SW don’t want anything to do with you ‘Ambazonians.
      You have destroyed our brother’s land and they want you out and you should respect that. As you all always said marriage is not by force. Back off.

      • George

        August 6, 2018 at 1:53 PM

        I am from SW and fully endorse my Ambazonien brothers and sisters from the Northern Zone. Anyway NW and SW is a creation of Ahidjo to divide and rule Southern Cameroonians.

  5. Bali Nyonga

    August 3, 2018 at 8:50 PM

    Knowing that retired warder Tonga and Mr. Patrick Ekema are linked to the untimely death of this Ambazonian youths gives me some kind of closure. I know who to hold for being particularly responsible?

  6. Jojo

    August 4, 2018 at 1:13 AM

    Rubbish you all maybe at peace at your apartment in overseas, but note that Millions of citizens in Cameroon are not.

    Yes, the reason millions of citizens in the SW/NW are not living in peace is because of the Ambazonia kidnappings and beheadings of anglophones who don’t support their foolishness. Nobody in their right mind will support an organization that kidnaps and beheads people who disagree with them. This is exactly what Boko Haram and Issis terrorist do to their people who disagree with them which therefore qualifies the Ambazonians as terrorists. All you fools should go on ground zero and carry the figh yourselves. Bunch of internet warriors.

  7. Papito

    August 4, 2018 at 8:43 AM

    Thank you Jojo.
    They are all animals in human skin.
    How do they think kidnapping people is a way to make their views heard ?

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Genocide in Ambazonia: Colonial Forces Continue to Massacre Children & Razing of Houses






Genocide in Ambazonia: Colonial Forces Continue to Massacre Children & Razing of Houses

Graphic and unbelievable images of genocide and French Cameroon’s colonial brutality have continued to emerge from Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia). The latest of those images and footages is that showing the massacre of Children and their parents in Pete Bakundu, Meme County of the Southern Zone of Ambazonia.

According to reports from the scene, French Cameroun terrorist soldiers invaded the village on August 6th 2018 in the early hours of the morning when most villages were still asleep. In exercise of their rampaging and terrorizing culture, they executed 9 civilians, mostly children. Among those massacred were two young children of 12 and 7 years old, a breastfeeding mother and her two babies. The terrorist forces went further to raze down the entire village and looting civilian properties as other villagers scamper into nearby cocoa farms for safety.

Video of Biya’s forces killings

Elsewhere still in Ambazonia, 7 innocent civilians were also massacred in Kumbo and Wum, Northern zone of Ambazonia (including the son of a serving Senator in the colonial Parliament of French Cameroun) following an invasion of communities by the French Cameroun terrorists. They had invaded the communities in response to a self-defense action by Ambazonian rebels in which five terrorist Gendarmes were taken out setting up illegal barricades and extorting money from the defenseless villagers. About 4 other innocent citizens are also reported to have been massacred since Monday in Manyu County.

Civilian massacres and burning of villages remain a daily occurrence in Ambazonia as the colonial regime of French Cameroun, aided by some members of the international community is bent of wiping out the entire people of Southern Cameroons. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to conclude that the Rwanda Genocide is currently repeating itself in the Southern Cameroons under the full watch and supervision of those that had sworn never to allow such happened again.

Massacre in Bakundu, South West Region

The 86 years old blood sucker Paul Biya continue to spill the blood of innocent citizens to remain in Power and to hold tight on his colony of Ambazonia. Some greedy members of the international community like Squire Patton Boggs, a US based Law Firm are aiding the regime to hide the massacre from global attention.

The Law firm has been hired by the bloody regime to lobby for the old dictator as he seeks to become the eternal king of the La Republic du Cameroun and by extension the occupied territory of Ambazonia. Moral justice demands that said law firm should turn down such a deal. It is shameful for any US lobby organization to accept at this juncture to coverup genocide being committed on Camera by an 86 years old dictator who has refused to use simple dialogue and negotiation to settle a simple conflict.

As the massacre continues with criminal organizations abating the killings, the Ambazonian people have however refused to give up their destinies to a blood sucking colonial regime. The people have resolved to resist the oppressor until the last man standing.

James Agbor

BaretaNews Political Analyst

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We Cannot Risk Our Lifes and Businesses to Please an Academic Fraudster – Buea Business Owners Speak.



Academic fraudster

We Cannot Risk Our Lives and Businesses to Please an Academic Fraudster – Buea Business Owners Speak.

For a week, life in Buea, capital of Ambazonia has been very timid following the sealing of more than 600 businesses premises by colonial mayor of Buea as punishment for respecting ghost towns declared by the Interim Government of Ambazonia. Mayor Ekema Patrick had gone ahead to respect his promise of sealing business premises that respected the ghost towns.

Apart from banks that were reopened on Wednesday last week, the other sealed businesses were only to be opened upon the payment of the sum of 50000 francs each. The business owners were also expected to sign an undertaking committing themselves not to yield to the call for ghost towns or they have their businesses forever.

Majority of the business owners therefore decided not to pay or sign any undertaking thereby staying away from their shops until Wednesday August 1st. After his failed march for peace, colonial mayor Ekema Patrick was forced to succumb to the determination of the business owners not to pay or sign any undertaking, by declaring a so-called clemency for all those whose businesses were sealed. He however promised to seal them again next Monday if the people still go ahead to respect the ghost towns.

BaretaNews therefore caught up with some of the business owners in Buea on Wednesday August 1st to get their views on the closure of their shops.

“Giving him that money and signing that undertaking would have been an act of self-incrimination. I have the right to close my shop anytime and any day. I have paid his (Ekema’s) taxes and he doesn’t have the right to tell me when to lock and not to lock my shop. It is my shop and my money, it is not council money” said a Molyko based shop owner whose business was also sealed.

“My brother, when Ambas and La Republic fight, the masses suffer. But we the people must be wise. Ekema and his military cannot protect us but we see Amba boys in the quarters every day. So, we better the respect the instructions of the leaders of the struggle because at least they are all fighting for us all. So, it is our own sacrifice for the revolution. Ekema can seal this shop for three years, but so long as the goods inside will not get rotten, I cannot respect his foolish order” another shop owner noted.

The third person interviewed was very blunt and hard on the colonial mayor.

“Young man (referring to BaretaNews reporter), I cannot afford to risk my life and business because I want to please or respect the ego of an academic fraudster. This struggle is more than Paul Biya, so Ekema cannot be the one to stop it. I respect the ghost town not because I am afraid of Amba boys but because I also want to make my own sacrifice for our freedom. In fact we the population are afraid of the military and not Amba boys … don’t mind that his (Ekema’s) noise, I ‘ll see how he will keep on sealing shops until the struggle is over. I’ll advise him to just seal-off the whole town for respecting ghost town.”

From the views of the three business owners contacted, it is clear that the Mayors instructions shall be again defiled next Monday which is another ghost town day. It is therefore going to be a long fight for Mayor Ekema Patrick.

With a bounty of 3 million francs now set by the interim government for anyone who will arrest or provide lead information to Mayor Ekema’s arrests, it is only left to be seen if he will continue with his colonial rampaging in the town next week.


James Agbor

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Colonial Forces and a Few Hungry Civilians Attend Anti-revolutionary Protest in Buea



Antirevolutionary Protest in Buea






Colonial Forces and a Few Hungry Civilians Attend Anti-revolutionary Protest in Buea

In a show of misplaced courage and defiance, colonial mayor of Buea brought together less than 100 persons on July 31st to attend his xenophobic and antirevolutionary match in Buea. The determinedly stubborn Ekema had earlier called on all citizens of the Bakweri tribe to show-up for a protest match from the Albert Mukong Avenue (Mile 17) to the colonial governor’s office, against what he called “graffi people” and agents of destabilization in his municipality.

After realizing that the people were not going to heed to his xenophobia and so there was a possibility of him marching alone, he hurriedly sent out another message calling on all “Cameroonians of good will” to come out and march for peace from Bogo Square to the colonial governor’s office.

BaretaNews reporter on the scene of the protest march saw a police van ferrying plain cloth colonial police officers from their barracks opposite the hospital junction to the Bongo square to participate in the aimless march. Courageous and defiant Mayor Ekema showed up at the scene putting on a bullet proof vest, covered by his black shirt, thus amplifying his naturally blown out belly.

By the time of the so-called match for peace (originally billed for 10 am) started late in the afternoon, only about 100 persons, made up of mostly colonial forces and some Council workers, including members of the press were seen marching up, with Mr. Mayor leading. In fact, the number of placards with antirevolutionary and xenophobic messages outweighed the protesters.

Even though the Ambazonian restoration forces had threatened to disrupt the march, it was however allowed to go on peacefully, with the colonial mayor and his colonial governor friend registering another disgrace.

The total boycott by the population, despite the heavy military deployment to provide security is testament to the fact that Ekema Patrick does not speak for the Bakweri people and neither does he speak for the entire population of Buea. He has longed lost his mandate as a representative of the people of the Buea municipality.

Ambazonians of all works of life went out forcefully for a peaceful march on the 22nd September and 1st October 2017 demanding for the restoration of the independence of Southern Cameroons. The images and the footages are still in the public domain and they tell the story for themselves.

Anti-revolutionary agent Ekema and his hired 100 followers did a counter march yesterday July 31st 2018. The images and the footages are in the public space. The difference between the two marches is clear and the world can no longer dispute what the people of Southern Cameroons want.

It is time for Colonial Ekema to give up and submit to the revolution. He and handful hungry agents are utterly insignificant to stop this genuine revolutionary journey of the Ambazonian people. If he is lucky not to be used as an example against other antirevolutionary agents in the course of this revolution, Ambazonians can only assure him that he will be there on that day to sing the Ambazonian national anthem, while the blue and white color flag is being hoisted at the independence square in Buea.


James Agbor

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