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LRC Strategizes To Impose Elections In Ambazonia, Amba Forces Prepare For Last Battle



LRC Strategizes To Impose Elections In Ambazonia

By Mbah Godlove

La Republic du Cameroun’s (LRC) Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji has begun chairing a security meeting of Governors in Yaounde ahead of Municipal and Parliamentary elections due to be held next year.

Conspicuously present in the security meeting are the two colonial Governors of Ambazonia: Adolf Lele Lafrique of the Northern Zone and Okalia Bilai of the Southern Zone.

The two-day gathering which has begun this Monday, November 25 comes barely after slaveboy Paul Atanga Nji meets with ELECAM officials to seek ways of extending the February 9 elections to Ambazonia.

ELECAM officials said after the meeting that Election offices which had long been grounded across Southern Cameroons will be reopened ahead of the colonial elections.

According to media reports, the ongoing Governors’ meeting would hatch a security tactic aimed at imposing the elections on Ambazonians.

Reliable sources from the inner circles of Ambazonian Generals have revealed that restoration fighters are quite informed about the colonial security development, and have been taking all dispositions to effectively solve the Paul Atanga Nji equation.

Just like last year’s LRC’s presidential election, Ambazonian fighters have vowed to puncture all attempts to organize local elections in their territory.

Two contenders from opposition Social Democratic Front who had earlier understood the wrath of restoration fighters had stepped back from taking part in the ballot box exercise.

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