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Ambazonia International Policy Commission Advises on Mbororos-Amba Boys Saga









Ambazonia International Policy Commission Advises on Mbororos-Amba Boys Saga

The Ambazonian International Policy Commission through its head, Professor Carlson Anyangwe, has advised both the revolutionary leadership and the leadership of the Mbororo Community in Ambazonia to avoid falling into the trap of agents of the colonial oppressor Paul Biya. He gave the advice after the reported alleged attack on Ambazonian Restoration Forces by some Yaoundé Moboro Fulani herdsmen in the Northern zone of Ambazonia, and calls for reprisals attacks being made by some Ambazonians on social media.

According to Prof. Anyangwe there is no history of Christians-Muslims conflicts or sectarianism in Ambazonia. Ambazonians, both Christians and Muslims should not allow themselves to be used by the blood sucking colonial regime to legitimize the evil strategy which was used in Central African Republic and Togo by the same colonial agents. He thus advices the leadership on both sides to sit down for dialogue and device ways of tracking down the misguided Mbororos being sponsored by Yaoundé and deal with them accordingly. This is a revolution that involves the future of ALL Ambalanders – whether Christians or Muslims and any group that isolate itself and align with the enemy to kill the people of Ambazonia is being short sighted and must be called to other.

Below is a full version of the advice from Professor Carlson Anyangwe.

The ongoing war imposed on Ambazonia by the invading French Cameroun colonial oppressor witnessed a new twist a few days ago. A handful of armed Mbororo herdsmen hired by French Cameroun and pledging allegiance to the foreign country attacked a local community in the Up-Country Ambazonia. In the ensuing fighting that erupted between them and the community self-defense groups, at least two dozen of people were reported killed. As a result, unfortunately an audio has gone out calling for retaliation against the Mbororos.

This development, one of the desperate so-called “strategies” of the French Cameroon despot and his cycle of evil, comes as no surprise. It’s the last feeble kick of a horse literally dying. We know where this evil scheme comes from. It was used in the Central African Republic and Togo to put Christians and Muslims communities at each other’s throat so that while they engage in mutual self-destruction, the colonizer carries on with is resource plunder and loot. The ploy failed woefully in Togo. It is bound to fail and has already failed in Ambazonia.

While the dominant religion in Ambazonia is Christianity, Christians and Muslims here have an exemplary history of peaceful co-existence that has lasted for several decades. This happy history is not going to be distorted now and we shall not let that happen. Our two religious communities have no reason to attack and kill each other or fight over anything. Ambazonia has never promoted or tolerated xenophobia or sectarianism. And in this war imposed on our people by French Cameroun, Ambazonian Christians and Muslims are fighting side-by-side to expel invading Berberian hordes, end more than half a century of colonial servitude and spoliation, and secure eternal freedom for those who live in Ambazonia, Christians and Muslims.

The French Cameroun circle of evil dreams that it can set Ambazonians Christians and Muslims against each other and enlist Muslims as Fifth Columnist. It’s a waist of time. Muslims and Christians will not legitimize the hate and bigotry sponsored by tainted individuals who continue to plot with the colonial oppressor to keep us in colonial servitude. The two religious communities are smarter than the myopic rulers hiding in their bunkerised abodes may think. The evil one comes in many shapes and forms. We must continue to be wise. Calls for reprisals against Muslims are ill advised. Instead, the leadership on both sides should sit down, clear out differences, undertake to track down the misguided Mbororo individuals and deal with them appropriately.

We urge our valiant fighters – Christians and Muslims to forge ahead with the noble task of liberating our homeland and to reject this cowardly attempt to drive a wedge between our two religious’ communities. As we relentlessly continue with this struggle for our very survival as a people against a blood thirsty and blood-drenched enemy, we urge all our people to remain eternally villant. That is the prize of liberty.

Ambazonia International Policy Commission

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