The RECOGNITION of Ambazonia is the ONLY OPTION the World has now if it honestly and truly wants to end the unjust carnage French Cameroun is currently carrying out in Ambazonia. The French government of Emmanuel Macron; the unseen but economic and political influence within French Cameroun must now understand that their proxy war in Ambazonia; is NOT only unwindable but is going to be economically costly on her relationship with Yaounde.

The will of our people through our collective consciousness has equivocally demonstrated to the world we have rejected any form of colonial rule from Yaounde and no amount of killings of our people will deter our resolve to fight for our freedom. Less than 48hrs ago, a vibrant Ambazonian teacher by name Mr. Suh from GTC Njinikejem was murdered by Cameroun military just as many were calling on him and his colleagues to return to their classrooms. That is the reality of every teacher in Ambazonia today. In this state of insecurity where there is rampant ill-trained trigger happy soldiers of the Cameroun military roaming our streets, killing another teacher would be one more claim of justifiable action even though these citizens do not pose any threat to them.

An independent sovereign Ambazonia will not only guarantee a better education for our children but also present the only option whereby our people can feel safe again for any effective school resumption to begin.

On a recent interview with SkyNews, the strategic leader of the Ambazonia War of Independence and President of the Ambazonia Governing Council Dr. Cho Ayaba challenged 10 Downing Street to show proof that her recent call for dialogue was based on honesty. In that interview, the leader rebuked any notion that the recent campaign by the international community was genuine. Speaking to a British media, his comments were seen by many as a direct attack to the British government since the same government has been conveniently silent especially in the months after it was clear the Cameroun military had begun indiscriminately killing Ambazonians most of whom were not carrying any weapons but peace plants. At a time when our defense forces have now dynamically taken control of a vast span of the Ambazonia territory; and coming at the heels of UK’s NewAge Lt company signing off on a 3.5 billion dollars worth of Ambazonia’s natural gas with La Republic du Cameroun; there is an expectation from every Ambazonian to be suspicious of whether Britain’s intentions are genuine at this moment when our forces have proven to be lethal in their defense of our homeland.


Dr. Ayaba’s concern of the genuineness of these recent calls for talks that Yaounde is still to acknowledge are coming only after same governments have been utterly silent for over 15years since he began his Europe wide protests against the occupation of his Country by French Cameroun. Some of these protest which he organized and led right in-front of 10 Downing Street he believes had been ignored over the years because Ambazonia had not demonstrated any ability to threaten the economic interests these Nations enjoy in tandem with Yaounde within Ambazonia. With Ambazonia’s threat to deals such as that signed with NewAge Lt; Dr. Ayaba things the call for dialogue by Brits after several decades of silence are done to save Cameroun and by extension their economic interests within Ambazonia and not necessarily because they have much concern for Ambazonia.

What these governments must now understand is that Ambazonia represents a better environment for the future economic relationship. Just because Ambazonia does not endorse their economic exploitation and exploration through agreements with Cameroun does not mean we will not engage them in future business relationships. Ambazonia thanks to rick natural resource, a natural deep port for a state of the art maritime commercial anchor without forgetting its youthful and intellectual human capital is going to present a veritable trading block in the armpit of Africa for future investors from all over the world. Our natural energy endowment from resources such as the Menchum falls once harnessed will provide the necessary uninterrupted electricity to not only power a burgeoning economic sector but enough to sell to even neighboring Cameroun and Nigeria – both of whom suffer from the inadequate electricity supply.

It is, therefore, the moral responsibility for Britain and the world at large to recognize the clear violation of not only our history but our RIGHT TO SELF RULE. In a free Ambazonia, we will not only guarantee security with the global context of fighting terrorism but also provide one of the most healthy environments for world trade and commerce.

Because the war was declared upon us to maintain an occupation, ONLY a cessation of that occupation will stop the War.
Executive Office

July 16, 2019



  1. Jon

    July 17, 2019 at 7:41 PM


  2. Jon

    July 18, 2019 at 7:31 AM

    The NOBLE SAVAGE (Native Doctor Cho Lucas Ayaba) being a NUMBSKULL, could not even pass across his message because this article is riddled with grammatical errors and bad phraseology. ARROGATING a “Dr” title, and borrowing an academic robe for a photo opportunity, does not give one the requisite knowledge a genuine PhD holder has acquired through hard-working and diligence. The BONEHEAD and Mark Bareta’s LAPDOG SLAVE (Sumelong Ekane), who posted the article could not correct the errors because he did not even know the errors were errors. It maybe he speaks and writes French better (Il écrit peut-être et parle couramment le français.).

    PARAGAPH 1 – … is NOT only UNWINDABLE. I think the correct word is UNWINNABLE, not UNWINDABLE.
    PARAGAPH 2 – The will of our people through our collective consciousness has EQUIVOCALLY demonstrated … freedom. So, this sentence is read “The will of our people through our collective consciousness has QUESTIONABLY OR UNCERTAINLY OR AMBIGUOUSLY demonstrated… freedom. I think the correct word is UNEQUIVOCALLY. In this state … there IS (correct word: ARE) rampant ill-trained trigger happy soldiers of the Cameroun military roaming our streets … to them. Can we say people are RAMPANT? People’s actions could be rampant but they themselves are not rampant. So, SOLDIERS CAN NOT BE RAMPANT.
    PARAGAPH 3 – An independent … effective SCHOOL RESUMPTION TO BEGIN. Resumption means BEGINNING AGAIN. Thus, “to begin” would have been left out.
    PARAGAPH 4 – What is the meaning of the following: “dynamically taken control?” … territory; and coming at the heels of UK’s NewAge Lt (THE CORRECT ABBREVIATION IS LTD) … homeland.
    PARAGAPH 5 – Dr. Ayaba things (correct word is THINKS, and not THINGS) … Ambazonia. SHAMEFUL, Mr PhD!!!
    PARAGAPH 6 – Ambazonia thanks to RICK natural resource (WHAT IS RICK? That should read: “Ambazonia, thanks to its RICH natural resources”), … the world. Time has past when NINCOMPOOPS ruled the EDUCATED via the barrel of a gun.
    PARAGAPH 7 – It is, therefore, the moral responsibility for (OF and not FOR) Britain and the world … RIGHT TO SELF RULE. In a free Ambazonia, … also provide one of the most healthy (WHY NOT SIMPLY SAY “ONE OF THE HEALTHIEST?”) environments for world trade and commerce.
    New Age (African Global Energy) Ltd is a privately held oil and gas exploration and production company with a portfolio of quality assets in five African countries (Nigeria, Cameroon, Congo-Brazzaville, South Africa, and Ethiopia) and a highly experienced Board. Final investment decision IS pending, expected by early 2020, with first production envisaged in 2022. In June 2014, LUKOIL joined the deep-water offshore project in the Etinde block on the Cameroon shelf in West Africa (the deal was closed in March 2015). It is developed on the basis of a product-sharing agreement (PSA) signed in December 2008. In July 2014, a 20-year license was obtained for the development of the Etinde block. Parties to the project include: New Age Ltd. — 30% (operator); LUKOIL (Lukoil Oil Company is a Russian multinational energy corporation headquartered in Moscow) — 30%; EurOil Ltd. OR Bowleven — 20% (Members: Engas Co. Ltd (Moscow, Russia); Euroil Capital Co. Ltd., Euroil Engineering Co. Ltd., Euroil Industrial and Trade Co. Ltd., (Budapest, Hungary); Euroil Energy Co. Ltd. (Sofia, Bulgaria); Euroil Naphtai I Plin d.d.o. (Zagreb, Croatia); Euroil Pacific Ply. Ltd. (Sidney, Australia); Euroil Proekt Co. Ltd. (Minsk, Belarus); and KazEuroProekt Co. Ltd. (Almaty, Kazakhastan); and Societe Nationale des Hydrocarbures, a Cameroonian National Company — 20%.

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