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Why Our Women, Mothers And Wives Must Not Celebrate Women’s Day










Women’s Day 2018 Fabric and associated celebration banned

The Women’s Day fabric is hereby banned in the entire Southern Cameroons Ambazonia. The mockery called women’s day celebration is banned on every corner of our national territory.

The demonic fabric is hereby declared contraband. Please don’t provoke.

Let us explain.
Buying the demonic cloth is funding chief terrorist Paul Biya’s LRC atrocities in Southern Cameroons. You surely remember that some terrorist cells of LRC have been complaining about lack of funds to support their campaign of terror. LRC is nearly broke. Do not provide them money to come and terrorise you, your mothers, your daughters and your children. Don’t fund terror.

LRC does not care about women and children’s rights. Before you do anything stupid, think about Mami Appih, think about our mothers burnt alive just for being anglophones, think about the rape of our daughters, the plight of our women as they seek refuge in thick equatorial forests, think about the women who have trekked hundreds of kilometres in the wild, leading whole villages to safer places in Nigeria, think about the budding intellectuals in Buea, for whom Nalova Lyonga, has received ministerial compensation in the neighbouring country for inviting terrorist gendarmes and masked police to break into rooms at Molyko to torture and rape.

We can honour our brave women. We can magnify their resilience. We will do so in silence, in our homes, tightly locked up to pray for more strength for this generation of brave Amba women. Our women are the pillar of our revolutionary march to Buea. We cannot dishonour them by funding the terrorist cells headed by Biya, terror cells which have kidnapped their husbands, murdered their children in cold blood, destroyed the small businesses of their husbands by criminal arson on their motor bikes, burnt farm produce, … set matriarchs on fire.

We will honour our mothers and daughters. We will do so the right way. We will protect them from further rape and torture by forces of #Cameroun. That is honour. Our duty to protect the bearers of our next generation is sacred.

Our women make a solemn call to us, to our consciences … to perceive the quiet fire of angst raging inside them for the terror Biya’s demonic gang has brought on their communities. Our mothers are proud of their sons and daughters who have risen like a shield of assurance to remind the colonial army that impunity won’t be torelated in Southern Cameroons like before.

An oncoming Federation of Ambazonia Women’s Associations is watching.

The fabric is demonic. Buying it will lead to flow of cash to your oppressors. Biya cares not. His agents are out on a rape campaign. The colonial administrators are not fit to talk about women’s rights. Our women have over 1,800 of their husbands, sons, daughters and future husbands being held at gunpoint in LRC jails. The wives of Sisiku Ayuk Tabe Julius, Tassang Wilfred, Barrister Eyambe Elias and others, the families of Mami Appih, friends and family of the 50,000 Southern Cameroonians in Nigeria are watching, praying and looking forth to an expression of your wisdom and solidarity.

Be brave, #AmbaWoman. Be brave. The nation of Ambazonia is standing with you, today and forever. #AmbaWoman is our heroine.

Mark Bareta

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