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Anglophone Crisis: Conditional Release Will Be Internal Condemnation



Judicial Supervision

It is not freedom. It is eternal punishment for them. They would be worse off.

If that is accepted, it means they have condemned themselves. It means the other guys in prison won’t come out again. And that is BAD news.

The argument put forward by the State is that Fontem and Balla have a residence. They have good jobs and are responsible people in the society. So, they can be freed and the rest who do not have the same status as Balla and Fontem should stay in prison. This already tells you that our brothers in prison won’t be released so soon. That’s bad. For these guys to be released, Balla and Fontem should refuse conditional release offered them by the regime. If they do refuse, the government would have no option than to release all of them.

Did the government not know that Balla and Fontem were responsible in the society before the government kidnapped them? Why talk about having a fixed or permanent address now as a reason of their release? Something is not adding up.

Any conditional release would mean that Agbor and Fontem would mean nothing to Southern Cameroons and would pose zero threat to LRC.

The moment you breach the conditions of the conditional release or Judicial Supervision clauses you would be sent back to Kondengui. In that case, they have the right to keep you there for as long as they want. You can’t challenge them. And I can tell you with all certainly that they WILL breach it. And they will be rightly arrested and justly locked up then.

How can a mature man who committed no crime and who has the backing of the people and the international community accept such a ridiculous proposal or offer? The regime CANNOT condemn Balla and Fontem. If they could, they would have done so months ago. So, why are they even contemplating of unconditional release or Judicial supervision? Your life and movement cannot be determined by the dictatorial regime of a bastardo?

You wouldn’t end up as a hero if you accept such a crapy offer. It would mean their plans of putting you out of the limelight has worked in their favour.

The reason why the government is on Balla and Fontem is because they want to prove to the international community that they have done what was asked of them. But what about the other guys in Kondengui? Are they not human beings? Who tells the government these guys don’t have addresses? They were all faced with the same charges. Now some would go home and others would stay in prison. In Ambazonia, we treat everyone equally.

Those guys are as important to us as Balla and Fontem.

The government is not receiving findings from the world Bank and from the IMF. It is hurting the regime. So, if Balla and Fontem refuse Judicial Supervision, they will end up being released unconditionally: discharged and acquitted.

They would then have all the freedom to make more noise, knowing fully well that they cannot be re-arrested.

In that way, we shall enter Buea faster and smoothly. One more month in Kondengui, Balla et al WILL be free unconditionally. No such thing as Judicial Supervision.

Let them have some patience. Biya’s hands are tight. Ghost town is working and it’s hurting the regime. Biya is not sleeping. The international community too is hard on Biya. Biya is just playing games.

Let Balla and Fontem tell the regime boldly. Tell them you are not ready for any release if it’s not unconditional and does not include all those arrested.

If they say that while they are in Kondengui, the government would get more scared.

They might not know, people are pushing for their unconditional release. They should refuse it.

Pa Ayah is still in our prayers. He won’t accept that Judicial supervision crap.

Callistus Funjong

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