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Ayah Paul is a Political Judas – Erstwhile CRTV journalist



Few days ago, Chief Justice Ayah Paul Abine, gave a press conference with over 30 Cameroons journalist where he cleared the air about the so-called division within his party, PAP. He asserted his chairmanship of the party as solid. He went further to answer questions concerning SCNC and Southern Cameroons. He maintains that Southern Cameroons and La Republique Du Cameroun have no legal document which binds both countries, he slams Cameroun judicial system and declared that for Southern Cameroons movement to succeed, the various factions must unite, go to the villages and educate the people.

However, his responses did not go well with erstwhile CRTV journalist, Boh Herbert who gave critical responds. Here him:

” Election time is near, again, and Hon. Ayah is back with some more political grandstanding. Let me translate this political grandstanding by Hon. Ayah from “political speak” into simple English. “Mr. Biya, if you have been wondering who the leader of Southern Cameroons is, I am he who am. Talk to me if you want to negotiate with Southern Cameroons. In order words, I have a much junior position in your administration right now, but my political stock is valued at a higher one. Are you giving me a bigger bribe or do you want me agitating with those Southern Cameroonians”?

This is the man who would not be present in parliament when the vote was cast to say “Yes” or “No” to what is essentially the life presidency for Mr. Paul Biya. This is the man who works, day and night, for and collects his paycheck each month from the monster regime which has colonized Southern Cameroons. This is the man who has earned his highest political and professional grade by crawling into and staying in bed with the regime.

Yet, he advertises himself to the regime and wants Southern Cameroonians to know that he is one of them in the struggle. Nay, he wants the regime to know that he is the leader of Southern Cameroons – the one to be trusted to lead meaningful dialogue with the regime on behalf of Southern Cameroons….”

Boh concluded

“…In order words, Hon. Ayah is arguing that in the political matchup Yaounde Regime versus Southern Cameroons, the best referee and line judges to pick in order to ensure fair officiating of the deal making process must also be spotting the jersey of the Yaounde Regime.You know what? This is what works when evil triumphs. They needed Judas to cross the carpet and accept the pieces of silver for the Son of Man to be negotiated and handed over for crucifixion..”

Ntumfoyn Boh Herbert

My Position:

I think it is overtly wrong and unfair to describe Ayah as a political Judas. We all know very well the political situation in the Cameroons. For those of you who have always followed Ayah Paul since when he was in CPDM, then PAP, then promoted to the supreme court as Advocate General will agree with me that Ayah has been consistent in his political language. The lines he uses today, he had always used them. What Ayah Paul said about the Southern Cameroons is nothing new. He has consistently been saying that through his Facebook profile and whenever he has the opportunity to talk to the media. These are facts we cannot refuse. The rate and manner of his write-up have not changed since the so-called Biya promotion into the supreme court. To say, Ayah speaks now because elections are gearing up is a sign of political dishonesty.

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