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Breaking: 6 Media Personnels Abducted Released



50 days ago, BaretaNews informed you that the publisher of Cameroon Report, Bamenda who same time is the Founder and CEO of Cameroon Broadcasting Service was abducted together with his entire staff. It is shameful that an entire staff of a media house can be abducted and kept for 50 days. Today, BaretaNews can now report that your constant push and determination has caused the Bamenda Judicial Officers to released unconditionally the entire media staff. They include the following

1. Mr. Fonjah Hanson Muki, Publisher and CEO
2. Miss Nadesh Omaghen, Assistant Manager
3. Mr. Neba Jerome Ambe, Reporter
4. Mr. Ameh Bruce, Marketing Manager
5. Miss Mah Mabel, Graphic Editor
6. Mr. Nsongwa Pierre, Vendor.

We thank all Southern Cameroonians for their constant push. We earlier said it is ALL FOR ONE, ONE FOR ALL. We now await the release of those in Kondengui, SED and Buea. As it stands, the struggle continues. Ghost towns continue tomorrow.

Mark Bareta.

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