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Belo: Dogs Feed On Ambazonian Corpse








Dogs feed on Ambazonian Corpse

Terrible Tales from Belo

Belo has been deserted as the colonial military kills seven with dogs feeding on one unidentified corpse which was abandoned on the roadside. It should be recalled that since Thursday 5th April, Belo has come under intense fighting between Ambazonian restoration forces and forces loyal to President Paul Biya.

BaretaNews has that gathered the corpse of the unidentified young man probably in his 30s is still lying in an advanced state of decomposition in a locality called Old Market on the road to Anyajua, northern zone (north west region) and as we write, it is being fed on by dogs.

No one has had the courage to stay behind to bury him as everyone has deserted. Reports say one of the colonial soldiers in Belo boasted in a certain bar today evening in Fundong that they are going to kill more.

The Situation in Anglophone Cameroon cum Ambazonia is pathetic as forces loyal to Paul Biya continue to burnt communities mostly in the South West Region (Southern zone) Of Ambazonia with dozens burnt alive in their sleep across Kwa Kwa, Mbonge, Nguty etc.

Calls for dialogue has fell on deaf ears as La Republique Du Cameroun continues to ignore all advise for negotiations.

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