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Colonial Governor Lures Buea Population With Empty Special Status



Colonial Governor Lures Buea Population With Empty Special Status

By Mbah Godlove

The controversial colonial administrator of the southern zone has deceived the population of Buea that all their grievances will be addressed by local officials put in place as a result of a special status accorded to Ambazonia.

Speaking during a press conference in Buea recently, Bernard Okalia Bilai intimated that locals should worry no more because dictator Paul Biya is more than ever determined to solve all their problems through the implementation of the special status promised them, during the national dialogue, in 2019.

It is important to recall that, as part of some window-dressing measures to reduce pressure from Ambazonia fighters, French Cameroun announced in October 2019, that Ambazonians were going to be granted some privileges.

Two years after the pronouncement, Okalia Bilai of the Southern Zone and his counterpart of the Northern Zone, have been commissioned to deceive the local population that their worries are about being erased now; by provisions of the special status.

It is on this basis that the colonial Governor of the Southern Zone called on parents in Buea to join their window-dressing campaign by advocating for the laying down of arms.

The call, however, came on the same day; Wednesday, June 30, when top Ambazonian commanders in Fako County gathered to map out new strategies on how to recapture Buea.

It is worth mentioning that Restoration Fighters have made the quest for liberation very difficult for French Cameroun’s soldiers as many of them continue to perish on different battlegrounds across the territory.

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