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Ambazonian War Of Independence Is Ripe For Mediation: Herman Cohen



Ambazonian War Of Independence Is Ripe For Mediation: Herman Cohen

By Mbah Godlove

Erstwhile United States Diplomat, Herman J. Cohen says a war declared by French Cameroun on Ambazonia in 2017 is now ripe for mediation.

In a recent tweet, the former US Ambassador revealed that the arrest of dealers in weaponry by French Cameroun’s government is an indication that Ambazonia’s struggle is undefeatable.

He avered that Ambazonians have access to unlimited support from Neighbouring country; Nigeria.

Hear him: “The arrest of weapons traffickers selling arms to West Cameroon separatists tell us that Cameroonian Anglophone ‘rebels’ have access to unlimited support from neighbouring Nigeria, and therefore cannot be defeated by the Yaounde regime.”

The situation is ripe for mediation,” the diplomat added.

It is left to be seen if pressure will be mounted on the Biya regime to accept mediation which will grants the aspirations of Southern Cameroonians.

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