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Unending Hostilities Paralyze Economic Activities In Bamenda



mass murder scheme in ambazonia

Unending Hostilities Paralyze Economic Activities In Bamenda

By Mbah Godlove

Serious gunshots have left activities in Bamenda grounded 48 hours after colonial soldiers killed dozens of civilians in Mbengwi road.

Earlier this Friday, December 10, sporadic gunshots were heard in the city, reportedly being exchanged between colonial forces and Ambazonian fighters.

About 2:00 pm local time, shop owners began locking up their business premises and hurrying home as the gunshots became even louder.

BaretaNews gathered that the tension arose shortly after Ambazonia Forces attacked a French Cameroun military convoy, sparking serious gunfire exchanges.

This resulted in the close of economic activities in Bamenda; as locals sought refuge where they considered safer.

Friday’s tense atmosphere comes barely 48 hours after forces of occupation invaded Mbemgwi road, killing dozens of unarmed civilians and razing over 30 houses.

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