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Buea Tenants To Stage Protest Against High Rents



Buea Tenants To Stage Protest Against High Rents

By Mbah Godlove

There have been repeated calls on denizens of Buea by fellow some tenants to outrightly decry their exploitation with the imposition of high rents in the capital of Ambazonia’s Southern Zone.

People have taken to their social media handles to decry the exorbitant rents in the town, especially in neighborhoods such as Molyko which mostly hosts students.

The prices of rooms have skyrocketed to a level where a majority of tenants say they can no longer contain it.

A room that usually costs 200,000 XAF yearly, now stands at 450,000 XAF, more than doubles the previous price.

This drastic increment in house rents is yet to be explained by landlords to the population who could acquire the same sizes and quality of rooms cheaper, two years back.

It is on this basis that some tenants are now calling on the population to organize a protest match against exploitation by landlords in Buea.

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