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Penal Code: Biya is a Manipulator and Scammer




We have been told that the Penal Code has been sent back to the National Assembly for review especially on article 127 which focused on Government Ministers Immunity. The remaining controversial articles seem not to be touched.

Cameroonians are not fools. Biya is a manipulator. No bill leaves the Government to the National Assembly without having the ok from Biya. Biya never wanted to give his Ministers immunity, this is the last thing he needed but he included it after all so that if the nation cries, he will send it back to the National Assembly. This will make him look like a savior, like someone who listens to his people meanwhile the core articles which directly affects the people remains and do not change. We are tired of Mr. Biya, we now know his games.

As the political pundit, David Makongo wrote ” Biya has dribbled protesters again with a fake story of returning the bill to parliament. Guys be serious for once. Before the law went to the floor of parliament Biya knew and knows the desired outcome, ok. Because of the protests, he has dribbled you to buy time and prepare his forces for assault and crush and the protester on the street. Grow up into Biya’s school, people after 34 years we should know better…”

David added

“They don’t have to amend those laws, they should throw them out. Now let me tell you guys something. There is no rational reason for making these kinds of laws in the eyes of the general public but Biya has a sound personal reason that is to criminalize certain behaviors that would extend their outreach to crack down on opponents of the regime beyond the law on terrorism. Once you oppose, Biya makes sure you don’t default on your rent, make sure you don’t have sex out of your matrimonial home, make sure you do not beg. It is easy to avoid being charged under terrorism law but not under these new crimes. If you doubt me, the biggest crackdown against opponents of the regime in Cameroonian history is just at your doorstep”

Another Political Pundit commenting on BaretaNews platform steadily and beautifully painted a good picture. Mr. Joseph Mwambo wrote:

” After 34 years I realize many of you in this forum don’t still recognize who is Mr. Biya. Biya remains the greatest political manipulator in the history of the world. Two people who rule Cameroon if you don’t know please know today. Rene Sadi and Ahmadou Ali. They are the brain behind the crafting of this arbitrary and controversial bill. They are the ones who always test the waters for Mr. Biya to run for re-election. You want to know who are responsible for reducing the legitimacy of the Cameroon constitution by illegally revising it for personal interest ask these two….”

Joseph continues. “After realizing Mr. Biya no longer enjoys the popularity and euphoria that brought him to power, and yet they the bureaucrats want him at all cost to run for re-elections , they have to come up with this horrified bill and force it down the throats of a rubber stamp inexperience and toddler crawling Senate. Yes, MP’s are ready to be thrown under the masses for Mr. Biya to use the sense of reason over this bill and send it back to the house. What will this move do? Mr. Biya will market himself before a weary public as the “father of the nation”. The one with the sense of reason to stand against his own very MP’s. Threatening to veto this bill by Mr. Biya was an already calculated moved by its crafters. I see whimsical minded Cameroonians already fancifully throwing praises to the Etoundi strong man.

Joseph made a plea to Cameroonians ” I urge you all to woke up from this slumber and know this is just another calculated move to manipulate the minds of Cameroonians so the Etoundi strong man will continue to present himself as the father of the nation. We shouldn’t kill these MP’s, most acts out of their will. And I know most of them are good people, but the political terrain leveled by the executive branch do not give them the plain field they desire to cast their votes. I have had off the camera or behind doors discussion with few of them and they are really frustrated and dissatisfied with the way the house leadership forces bills down their throats to vote on. Before I conclude, let me remind my audience of the fact that, it will be a political fallacy if we pretend to elevate Mr. Biya as the savior for this arbitrary bill. Trust me, threatening to veto the bill and sending it back to the house, was an already calculated move for the process so as to market a least popular president who is loosening flavor from his masses. What is even more insulting to the public is that the articles that warranted Biya to resend the bill to the house are not the ones for the public interest. So can we say the Etoundi strong man is detached from his own very public? Or is he expecting Cameroon to be the next Maghreb region? Only his actions have the answers for our respond.

BaretaNews, therefore, agrees with these two political pundits. There is no way, Cameroonians should applaud Mr. Biya. BaretaNews concludes that the good people of Cameroon and the lawyers should continue putting pressure on the regime in all spheres of national life.

The Struggle continues

God is still saying something.

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