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Mourning Across French Cameroun As Dozens Of Soldiers Fall in Battlefield



Mourning Across French Cameroun As Dozens Of Soldiers Fall in Battlefield

By Mbah Godlove

There has been a general atmosphere of grieving within the colonial military after dozens of soldiers were neutralized by Ambazonian fighters recently.

Earlier on Thursday, September 16, a contingent of the forces of occupation stumbled into the dragnet of restoration fighters at Sabga, Ngoketunjia county of the Northern Zone.

A mixed poisonous squad of Ambazonian forces headed by FM No Pity launched an aggressive ambush.

15 colonial soldiers were neutralized on the spot while 2 armored vehicles were set on fire.

The incidence, according to sources, has left many frustrated military leaders even more worried.

The Sabga blood bath has triggered an atmosphere of mourning across French Cameroun.

It is worth mentioning that this is happening at a time when many colonial soldiers are defecting and seeking refugee abroad.

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