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Legitimacy Is The Final Step To Independence



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Legitimacy Is The Final Step To Independence.

It is no doubt that 22nd September 2017 will go down in history as the day that marked the turning point of the restoration of former British Southern Cameroons, present day Federal Republic Of Ambazonia. That day when the people of Southern Cameroons from all the 13 counties and all over the world, yielded to the call for a national and international demonstration by the Governing Council under the leadership of our Hero Sisiku AyukTabe Julius who later became the first president of Ambazonia.

22nd September 2017 was the day that the people of Ambazonia unanimously empowered Ayuk Tabe Julius and his cabinet to lead our new nation, with the mandate to declare full restoration on the 1st October 2017.

After his historic declaration on the 1st October 2017, there was a loud call from Ambazonians both home and abroad for the transformation of the Governing Council into the Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia. Ayuk Tabe Julius then became the first President of Ambazonia with the authority to appoint his cabinet. This is how our interim government came to existence.
I just had to walk our readers down memory lane to clear the notion put out there by some of our respected leaders who for reasons (known only to them), are saying that the interim government is representing just a minority. That is not true!

Nobody with a pure mind who wants to see the success of this revolution will ever doubt for one second the legitimacy of the interim government of Ambazonia. The abduction of president sisikou Ayuk Tabe may have shaken the core of the interim government but not the legitimacy of this institution! Our New Nation is one in which the people vows to strong institutions and not strong men!

Let me be loud and clear about this; the total independence of Ambazonia depends not on the number of LRC soldiers or administrators we capture, it depends on how we Ambazonians recognize or Legitimize our own institutions and authorities. The United States of America is the strongest nation on earth not because of the Democrats nor the Republicans, it is so because after every fight or argument, the two parties recognize and respect the institutions that makes America.
The Ambazonian people sacrificed and are still sacrificing their own hard earned money to fund the putting in place of the structures of the interim government and you don’t expect the people to just trash the IG because “A” or “B” whom you love so much is not part it. Or you deligitimise it because “C” whom you hate so much is a part of it. No!!! We can’t keep doing the same thing over and over expecting the United Nations to step in.

We have to forge a way forward and not backward. Any leader in this struggle with the genuine mind to lead us, should start thinking of how to impact and improve the interim government of Ambazonia. Let’s stop treating the interim government just like one of those groups if we really want to land Buea soon.

Finally, we must also caution the AIP Dr Samuel Sako who is now at helm of affairs, to work hard in re-establishing credibility, trust and unity in collaboration with all the frontline movements within the struggle. He shouldn’t hesitate to eject and reject anyone within his present cycle who is trying to impede in the process of uniting the other leaders.

May God grant us freedom through his son Jesus?
Long live Ambazonia.

Bilem Ambebi

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