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The flag consist of 5 blue and 4 white horizontal stripes 13 golden Stars, surrounding the image of a white dove bearing a green leaf in its beak, emblazoned on a blue square background. to the left-hand corner.
BLUE COLOUR- symbolic of democracy, plurality and of the supremacy of the law as shall be enshrined in the constitution of the people and territory of Ambazonia, as shall be interpreted by the Judiciary , upheld by the parliament and defended by the executive arms of government. It also represents limitless potentials for growth and development and for faith in the supreme being.

WHITE COLOUR– This stands for purity, transparency, and accountability in all domain of life and governance.
It presupposes that mediocrities, as expressed by corrupt practices of any sort, are intolerable by the Ambazonian polity.
DOVE- This is reflective of the foundation upon which Ambazonia stands, which is the principles of God and It represents the Spirit of God and his endowments, as a significant model and an anchor to the nation. It is also symbol of peace and tranquility as significant ideals and value to the State and people of Ambazonia.
GREEN LEAF BORNE IN DOVE’S BEAK- This is representative of assurance of good news despite the rising tides of any prevailing but temporally stormy circumstance, it is a message of truth and justice as a guarantee of imminent and abiding peace, prosperity, productivity and success.
13 STARS- Represents the 13 counties which make up the geopolitical divide of Ambazonia’s national grid from the upper country to the coastal plains of the federation of Ambazonia.
GOLDEN COLOUR-This indicates that all 13 counties have priceless value across the national territory with a strive for balanced development based on the principles of equity and equality.
THE DOVES FLIGHT– Represent the cherished ideals of; visionary focus, hard work, liberty and freedom.

By Ambazonia Governing Council

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