Overzealous Ekema opens sealed shops in Buea.

Overzealous Ekema opens sealed shops in Buea. 

Patrick Ekema, funny so called mayor of Buea has ordered that the shops of business people he sealed at the start of the 10days Lock down in Fako County should be opened.  He sanctioned the communique  on Wednesday  10th April adding that,  La Republic’s Republican Values must be respected in Buea, Ambazonia

This scandal prone mayor,  with fake certificates who keeps calling himself a LORD,  is simply claiming as though Buea is his personal property. He has been so lousy and commanding shop owners in Buea to dance to his rhythm . Ekema has grown guts that he tells traders when to open else they face sanctions.  This has to stop.  He has had enough. 

Ekema who is struggling for position in biya’s government is fast becoming another Atanga Nji,  setting agendas to gain public attention. This is not the first time he is sealing these shops.  He even bought taxis and forced them to work on Ghost Town days set aside by the People of Ambazonia just to satisfy his Yaounde master . 

All these are not  going unnoticed. As the struggle speeds up,  we have little people like Ekema recorded in our jutters somewhere.  His time is closing up.  We call the attention of the Restoration forces to such situations and deal with defaulders of GhostTowns appropriately. 

Sumelong Ekane BaretaNews 

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. tabetando

    April 12, 2019 at 1:38 PM

    Keep monitoring wayward defaulters of Amba law ; be it citizens, civil servants,politicians who shall be metted out appropriate punishments, judgements and so forth when we win.

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