Yaounde Plots Another Murder in the Cathedral: Catholic Authorities of Kumbo Dioceses Must be Security Cautious Henceforth

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Yaounde Plots Another Murder in the Cathedral; Catholic Authorities of Kumbo Dioceses Must be Security Cautious Henceforth

French Cameroun Colonial authorities and soldiers have concluded another sinister plot to lauch a disguised attack on authorities of the Catholic church in Kumbo, Bui County of the Northern Zone of Ambazonia, BaretaNews has been hinted by inside sources.

BaretaNews sources at the Up Station colonial military command in Bamenda revealed that, the plot was concluded in Bamenda with the express knowledge of colonial Governor Lele L’Afrique after a secret security meeting in which the Governor was also instructed by the Yaounde colonial cabal to issue a public statement debunking the report by Human Rights Watch and BaretaNews unmasking of their attrocities on civilians in the village of Meluf in Bui County and the mutilation of the genitals of massacred civilians for a genitals trade respectively.

In the said security meeting, BaretaNews sources notes that a group of soldiers numbering almost 20 were assigned to open fire on Priests and Christians of the Dioceses on April 17, 2019 during a solem religious ceremony that is supposed to take place at the Saint Theresa Cathedral at Kumbo Squares. The said attackers according to the plot are to be armed in civilian attire inorder to look like the Ambazonian restoration forces of Bui, also known as the Bui Worriors. It is therefore an intentional plot to once again inflict pain and melancholy on the Catholic Church and then turn around to accuse and discredit the Bui Worriors for being responsible, as has been the case in their previous religious assassinations across Ambazonia.

One may ask what the Catholic authorities in Kumbo have done to deserve such a diabolic plot. BaretaNews learned that the Catholic church in Kumbo appeared to have angered the colonial regime through their recent exposition of the many attrocities of French Cameroun’s Colonial soldiers on the peaceful people of Kumbo. The documented genocidal activities released by the dioceses indicated that the Yaounde trained terrorists in that locality massacred a total of over 370 innocent civilians within a period of six months, including the looting and destruction of civilian properties and the razing of multiple villages.

BaretaNews also has also been informed that the choice of April 17, 2019 as the date for the heinous crime is well calculated, as it is on that day the Bishop of Kumbo Dioceses, Bishop George Nkuo would be celebrating a joint Chasm Mass at the main cathedral of the dioceses. It’s therefore a religious ceremony that promises to bring together parishioners and Priests from all the sorounding parishes of the dioceses.

BaretaNews is therefore exposing this evil plot by the blood sucking regime so as to preempt it and also to alert to the world about the evil mechination of the dying regime against innocent worshipers. It’s also a warning to the authorities of the Catholic church in Kumbo to be security cautious henceforth.

The colonial Yaounde regime has continued it’s deadly and genocidal mission in Ambazonia unperturbed, committing mass attrocities against innocent civilians and the sovereign people of Southern Cameroons who have done nothing but to request for their right to self determination as a former U.N. Trust Territory to be respected. BaretaNews had a few days ago revealed from inside sources how regime barons have been contracting willing soldiers to supply them with the genitals and other sensitive organs of massacred civilians and restoration forces – thus explaining the reason for the increasing mutilation of executed civilians by the terrorist soldiers.

James Agbor
BaretaNews Political Analyst

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. tabetando

    April 15, 2019 at 9:56 AM

    Keep on informing our public: The LRC soldiers have also been instructed to shoot anyone on streets and farms at sight on Ghosts
    people on streets and farms on ghost-towns days or days of civil disobedience.

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