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9/11 Memorial: Clinton Faints, Helped Out



The US Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton in recent weeks has seen serious concerns about her health. Donald Trump, his surrogates has been questioning the stamina of Hillary Clinton and if she is healthy enough to lead as commander-in-chief. Today, Sunday, Clinton reportedly fainted and was forced to leave a 9/11 ceremony. Some others in the media have dubbed it as a “medical episode.” while Clinton campaign says she suffered from overheating.
Videos that emerged showed Clinton’s entourage helping her to a van after she fainted during the ceremony at New York’s National September 11 Memorial & Museum.

Clinton health is dominating the campaign. Last week during a campaign event, she suffered from a chronic cough. However, Clinton campaign maintains that she stumbled off the curb while her “knees buckled” and lost a shoe as she entered the van because of overheating.

On watching CNN this evening, commentators revealed that in the past, Republicans and other Americans had been worried about Clinton’s health without any proofs. It is essential that Clinton after recovering should hold a Press Conference and clarifies the American public about her health in the presence of her Physician, because this event on Sunday only goes a long way to add evidence to the cries her opponents have been making in regards to her health.

We of this platform wishes a quick recovery for Hillary Clinton
God is still saying something.

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