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BaretaNews Logo Contest: Read, Share and Participate



The CEO/Publisher of BaretaNews, an auxiliary of Bareta Media and Communications is launching a logo contest for its news platform known as BaretaNews.
The objective is to get the audience in the people’s platform to contribute in building this house. It begins by designing a logo for the outfit.
Contest Description:
This contest is open to all Cameroonians from all corner of the world. Experts, designers, starters and learners of graphic designs are all called upon to participate.
About BaretaNews:
It is an online news platform that collects, reports, distributes and analyses news. It’s news cut across political, social, economic, religious, sports, technology all gearing at political and social education/change. It has as motto : The People’s Platform

How the contest works:
1. Design your logo to the best of your knowledge. Use any colours that suit you. It is a contest.
2. Submit your logo by email on/before September, 19th, 2016 to
3. The logo must carry the motto: “The People’s Platform”
The winner takes home a token of 50.000frs CFA plus one-week free advert of his/her business or otherwise on this platform.

Winning Criteria:
All those who participated in the contest will have their logo uploaded on Facebook for all Cameroonians who follow BaretaNews to vote. Public votes will count 60 percent while a panel of designers will have 40 percent of the vote. A combination of both public and panel votes will be joined to get the winner. However, a second round of public votes could be done if the contesters are many. The winning logo shall be used for life as the official BaretaNews Logo and the winner shall be communicated to BaretaNews audience.

Thank you all
Mark Bara
CEO/Publisher, BaretaNews
God is still saying something

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