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Cameroon’s Unknown Music Artist Sings For Achalle



Said Bara is an unknown music artist in Cameroon. He has known Achalle since 2005. In a tribute to a friend, he wrote down this message and sings for him. You may want to read and listen.

Said Bara, Unknown Music Artist

Said Bara, Unknown Music Artist

RIP Achalle. 2 days ago it was just like a dream. it is gradually turning into a hard reality man. I don’t even remember the last time I spoke to you. you were very mobile. I left you some messages on facebook cos the number I had wasn’t available anymore. I always put up posts on facebook about you releasing new songs. then I got EBOLO and I was excited. very much excited after I watched the footage of the video shoot. you were asked to do an acapella and I for a minute thought you were not in a good shape from the way u struggled to sing. your voice sounded so different. maybe it was all in my head.
Being a public figure and a people’s person, I don’t think for once I got any information on social media about your ill heath. for how long were you down lil bro? for how long were you so sick until only death had to accept you? we can’t qualify the power of GOD. the God above healeth any disease or situation if we only believe in him. the Good Book says where 2 or 3 are gathered in HIS name, He is there to listen and act.

prayer warriors would have prayed for and with you, your fans and friends could have assisted in anyway possible. why were you so silent? who are those that didn’t think the public could play a role in your life before this unfortunate situation? I got just memories of our last meeting while you visited me here in Ngaoundéré. I don’t have enough tears anymore lil bro.

watching your latest video EBOLO, I cried some more. a perfect video and song which would have put you back in the spotlight and back in your rightful place as one of Camer’s finest musicians. REST IN PEACE lil broda.
I still have over 20 of the songs we did. it is my pride to have them. I appreciate having to have known you. I shall miss you a lot. the things I didn’t have to tell you while you were alive would be a lesson to me. Go home and rest.
in your honour last night I asked a cabaret being hosted by the Brasseries du cameroun music band to keep a minute of silence on your behalf. every little thing we do matter. REST IN PEACE Achal – Achalle – Jai – Achaley – Ashaley.

God is still saying something.


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