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Cameroon’s International Outfit Should Change-Do you agree?



Cameroon's International Outfit

Cameroon’s International Outfit

The Cameroon Olympic team made headlines again with their outstanding and unique outfit. It featured amongst the top 3 boldest and unique outfits at the Rio Olympics. To quote a commentator from last night Olympic parade, “Cameroon’s embroided and bright patterned palette robes reflected the upbeat mood of the crowd at Maracana stadium”. It blended so well with the festive atmosphere in the Stadium–wrote Eric Acha.

However, Nono Nkele, based in the UK prefers a change. She wrote ” Prefer the subtlety, simplicity and calmness of Western Cameroon traditional fabric. Time for a change I think “. She will prefer the Bamileke outfit to replace the North West Traditional Regalia as the official outfit of the country.

She continued to defend her position by posting photos of Bamilike Regalia. In some of her comments, she wrote, ” Firstly the NW traditional fabric should come with a health warning for those of us with debilitating headaches and those who suffer from epilepsy. I find it impossible standing next to any person wearing this. My migraines go into overdrive”

Bamileke Outfit

Bamileke Outfit

North West Regalia

North West Regalia


Emmanuel Kisob disagrees and wrote ” What you call the Bamilike traditional material is also the Bamenda traditional cloth? It is in fact called the Ndop. There are other materials and cloth that are common amongst the people of the Grass Lands of Cameroon ”

Patrick Awah got even angrier ” What hurts is that the people wearing Cameroon’s International Outfit and matching like Cameroonians are Jean and Marie and not Orock and Ngum. We produce and the master wears and makes a show of it.”

Lousi Mbua supported her. He wrote ” You cannot wear same clothes every day. There is the gandura, sanja, short kaba, long kaba, manyu men’s classic attire. So, although the attire above is fantastic, try other styles. New year, new fashion . Fashion changes, the post is about fashion trends in Cameroon, and not about your tribe. Why are Cameroon people so fixed in views?Do you like the attire because it is from your tribe or on grounds that it is haute couture?And what is this came no go about?”

Vicky Fokala, Cameroon’s activists concluded ” They will insult us, mistreat us, disregard us… But the truth is, they have no identity without us. Cameroons Oh the Cameroons. If only you knew”

BaretaNews would like to get your opinion. Do you think there should be a change or rotation in Cameroon’s International Outfit?

God is still saying something.

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