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ADF Sends Danger Signals To LRC, Releases Another Video With Batibo DO








The Ambazonian Defence Force (ADF), has told all colonial forces of La Republique du Cameroon (LRC) to leave the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, or killed.

In another exclusive ADF styled video released, Thursday March 15, 2018, Governors, SDOs, Dos, Parliamentarians, and other colonial forces residing in Ambazonia, have been told to leave or they will face the wrath of a brutalised people.

“ADF has asked all administrators of LRC, to leave Ambazonia immediately or they will face justice of a brutalised people. ADF will arrest all enablers and perpetrators of genocide and crimes,” the message read.

The 45-seconds video, also showed the state of the arrested Division Officer (DO) of Batibo, Marcel Namata. In the video, he was shown bare bodied, and looking frail.

The new video comes barely days after another was released, showing the world, the state of the abducted Camerounese Slave, serving as Regional delegate of Social Affairs for the Northwest Region, Aaron Nimbong Yong. The 60 seconds video published online by the ADF, Saturday march 10, 2018, the abducted pleading with his Minister to persuade the government of LRC to show the abducted Ambazonian leaders, so his life can be spared.

“I’m pleading with my minister to intervene. That the leaders of Ambazonia, arrested and brought to Yaounde, should be shown to the public, that they are alive. I have been given 48 hours, otherwise, be sacrificed, if the leaders are not shown,” Nimbong Aaron said.

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By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – BaretaNews

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