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Biya Abandons 3 Ministers In a Hotel As Tutu Muna Refuses To Quit



Reports have it that, after 11 months since they have been appointed, 3 Biya’s ministers do not have where to live. They have been staying at Hotel Mont Febe in Yaounde for 11 months now. These includes three Ministers and a Special Advisor

Decree No. 2015/434 of October 2, 2015, appointed, Lejeune Mbella Mbella, Minister of External Relations, Jean Ernest Massena Ngalle Bibehe, the Minister of Secondary Education, Mrs. Rose Mbah Acha, Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of the Supreme State Control and Dieudonné Samba, Special Adviser to the President. Reports from the Cameroons say the Minister of State Property and Land Tenure could not get these folks state-owned houses because Government lacks these houses and most importantly sacked Minister Tutu Muna has refused to quit.

BaretaNews wonders why these are happening. The government of Biya is too bogus with irrelevant ministries. It is understood these large number of ministries are meant to satisfy political allies. Biya has been using appointments of all government sectors to have a firm grip of the country. We of this platform thinks that there is a need for these ministries to be trimmed and/or merge to efficiency and greater output. Putting these Ministers in a hotel for 11 months is a waste of resources as it heavily affects the state budget.

What happens if these Ministers could rents for themselves apartments in Yaounde with government subvention? It is shocking to know Ama Tutu Muna, former Minister of Arts and Culture has refused to quit a government house in Bastos. The house has been allocated to the new Minister of External Relations. Muna claims she has arrangements to buy the house. However, the Minister of State Property and Land was forced to stopped pressuring Muna to leave the mansion as Muna wrote a complaint to the Presidency using her powerful contacts.

We of this platform disagree with this move. There is no law and order in Biya’s government and only the most connected get their way. The government cannot function this way. This is making things difficult for the current officials to settle as most of them have been separated from their families for months now.

We recalled that some years ago, the Government built numerous state houses in Yaounde. However, it turned out that Government officials lodged in these houses later grabbed these mansions with the complicity of some corrupt officials in the Ministry of State Property and Land Tenure. We see this same mafia in almost all state-own properties including state vehicles.

There is adequately no control and only the connected goes scot-free.

God is still saying something

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