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Fru Ndi, A Happy Man: Receives 800 Decamped CPDM/NUDP Members



SDF National Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi, has received over 800 CPDM and National Union for Democracy and Progress, NUDP members who dumped their party. This happened on Sunday, September 4th.

Mrs. Justine Atud and Edwin Keyaka, leaders from CPDM and NUDP from Batibo including CPDM team leader from Nwa, Elhajid Usmanu Magaji, all declared that SDF has got a bright future than the CPDM. They continued that lies telling, deceit, blackmail, and neglect are all factors which pushed them from the CPDM to the SDF.
It should be recalled that in the past several members from the SDF has decamped to the CPDM. We have also seen members from CPDM decamping to the SDF. However, how this played out in previous elections has not been investigated. It still remains to be seen if this will play out in the upcoming elections. Are these disgruntled members who have not been able to enjoy the booty of the CPDM regime? Has the CPDM bigwigs in these areas failed to relay down benefits to these members who decamped?

Hon. Joseph Mbah Ndan, the Vice-President in Cameroon’s National Assembly was very elated. He described the new SDF recruits as the finest and most reliable militants who are out for real political business. “In the SDF, we debate, quarrel and remain focused always. This is where democracy triumphs. You are on the right path,” Hon. Mbah Ndam said.

Fru Ndi went to praised the new members for their courage. “We are a people with a vision to build this country when we take over power. As such, we cannot afford to be unruly. In the SDF, which you have willingly, from the bottom of your hearts, come to join, indiscipline is not tolerated. You came on your own and we have opened our doors and arms so that we progress in nation building,” Fru Ndi noted and invited the leaders who resigned to attend upcoming NEC meeting as observers.

God is still saying something.

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