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Southern Cameroonians Begin Day Of Fasting And Prayers











Ambazonian National Day of Fasting and Prayers and the Place of Positive and Negative Spiritual Energy in the Independence Revolution.

As declared by the interim government of Ambazonia, Southern Cameroons Christian faithfuls, sympathizers and beleivers in related faiths are today engaging in a spiritual excercise of fasting and Prayers for the independence restoration revolution. The aim of this spiritual activity, according to the Acting President, Dr. Sako Ikome Samuel, is to thank the Almighty God, for His support so far in the revolution, and to further attract his mercies and favour for more positive supernatural energy, combine with physical efforts to achieve the revolutionary objective of FREEDOM.

But why should some Ambazonians be praying to a supreme being for positive energy, while others are using negative spiritual energy (odeshi) to achieve the same objective? BaretaNews attempts an answer from the perspective of natural law and the workings in the realm of the supernatural.

Comrade Tassang Wilfred has always in the course of this revolutionary journey maintained that the fight Ambazonians are into, is 80% spiritual and 20% physical. Consequently, Southern Cameroonians are certain of achieving victory, not because of physical superiority over the colonial regime of La Republique du Cameroun (LRC), but because they are fighting on the side of truth and justice, which is the positive side of the spiritual realm.

Therefore, wherever Comrade Tassang Wilfred is today, he should be smiling and appreciating the decision of the Acting President, as a fellow clergy, to recognise the place of the positive supernatural (GOD) in the Southern Cameroons Revolution. In fact, Pa Tassang is one of those Amba revolutionaries who staunchly believes in the positive supernatural as the only sustainable force and guarantor of success in this revolutionary journey. That is probably why he has spent most of this activism time during this period assuring the people of victory from a biblical disposition, and declaring one fasting and prayer session after the other, even right to the day he was abducted with the President, Sissiku Julius Ayuk-Tabe.

Life is in the spiritual, where Man is either controlled by the positive or negative realms of the spirit. That is, whatever happens in the physical, whether positive or negative has its origin from the realm of the spirit. The struggle Ambazonians are currently engaged in with LRC, has already been concluded in the supernatural before it started physically one year ago. Consequently, those who are able to master and manipulate the realms of the supernatural from any direction, will always outsmart the physical observers. If the colonialists have been able to manipulate and hold Ambazonians to ransom for 56 years, it is because, they mastered and made effective use of the negative supernatural, at the ignorance of a larger majority of Ambazonias. Unfortunately for the colonialists however, the negative side of the spiritual will always have to submit to natural law or the law of Karma, which is inextricably linked to the positive realm of the spiritual.

That is why all the visible signs and symptoms on ground show that natural law is closing in on the colonialists and it is time Ambazonians employ the positive side of the spiritual in this revolution and competely liberate themselves from 56 years of enslavement by La Republique du Cameroon. Ambazonians must be able to combine combine physical efforts, backed by positive spiritual energy to root out the occupier.

Southern Cameroons Christians believe that that it is the season of the LORD to free them from the shackles of Yaoundé’s colonial tendencies, and so it has been a common revolutionary phrase that; “this is a GOD ordained Struggle” and so freedom must NOT be compromised. For the first time in 56 years, Southern Cameroonians have resisted for more than one year, with much energy still to go on in a quest for their freedom. This can only be an act of some spiritual energy. It is therefore on these bases that conscious Southern Cameroonians are playing their individual roles, physically and spiritually towards the realization of a Free Ambazonia.

Even those who understand the dynamics in the realm of the spirit, and believe in using negative spiritual energy, know this form of spiritual energy employed by Yaounde’s to hold Ambazonians hostage for 56 years, is no longer potent enough to give Yaounde victory in this battle. In fact, their own weapon can even be used successfully against them. It therefore not surprising to see young Ambazonians fearlessly giving LRC colonial forces a spiritual assignment on the potency of odeshi in a gun duel.

More so, the law of the spirtit holds that when two negative forces collide, natural justice prevails, and if all powers belongs to the supreme being, then the degree to which one negative spiritual energy is potent over another, shall be determined partly by the motives for which such spiritual energies among others, are being used. So, don’t be surprise to see a LRC gun with a red piece of cloth tied on its nozzle still proving ineffective on the body of an “odeshi” controlled Ambazonian fighter.

Consequently, as those for physical ground action try to up their resistance through self-defense, those who are strong in Christian spiritual warfare must join the Acting President in seeking positive spiritual avenues to drive home the messages. If the revolution is God ordain, then all suplications for victory are justified and in tandem with His will for the revolution.

As a nation that recognizes the authority and supremacy of a supreme being – GOD, it is the believe of the people’s platform that all combined forces – physical and spiritual are needed to free the homeland.

James Agbor, BaretaNews Polical Analyst.

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