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Ambazonia War of Independence: : Cho Ayaba Calls for Collective Action



Ambazonia War of Independence: : Cho Ayaba Calls for Collective Action

By Mbah Godlove.

The President of the Ambazonian Governing Council, AGOV C, Dr Cho Ayaba says it is time to unite against the regime of occupation.

In a social media outing recently, the celebrated leader entreated Ambazonians to strengthen the current defense strategy in order to accelerate the process of Independence.

He revealed that a sum of 500 thousand dollars is sufficient to conquer the French Cameroun colonial regime.

“Do not say we are asking too much. If 1000 Ambazonians contribute 500 dollars each, this war will be over not long from now,,” he stated.

While appreciating all who supported the October 1 activities, the intellectual remained hopeful that if all leaders are committed to the course, Freedom would be attained before the next day of Independence. To the AgovC boss, the path to liberation requires just little collective effort because a bulk of it had been done in the past four years.

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