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Ambazonian Youths Agitate As Colonial Military Gun Down Civilian In Broad Daylight



Ambazonian Youths Agitate As Colonial Military Gun Down Civilian In Broad Daylight

By Mbah Godlove

Youth of Below Foncha, a neighborhood in Bamenda 3 LGA have taken to the streets to agitate against the shooting to death of an ordinary citizen by colonial soldiers.

Earlier this Sunday, July 04, 2021, the unarmed citizen, Ngoran Djibiring Dubila popularly known as Jimmy, was gunned as he was driving to his Below Foncha residence.

In a 56-second videotape making rounds on social media, angry youth are seen on the street criticizing the killing of a man they consider to be so humble and straightforward.

The population is heard saying in broken pidgin English that the colonial military must render an account for their action.

They also held the French Camerounian army culpable of flocking elderly men, women, and children in Bellows Foncha.

The corpse of the innocent man is placed at a public square, while the angry crowd expresses their disgruntlement in front of elements of the colonial military.

Sunday’s Nkwen incidence is one of many cases where the French Camerounian army is claiming the lives of innocent Ambazonians.

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