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The government in Abuja is building a legacy of kidnapping and rendition-Dr Cho Ayaba



The leader of the Ambazonia Governing Council-Dr Cho Ayaba whose organization recently signed an alliance with the Indigenous People of Biafra-IPOB has reacted to the arrest of IBOP leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. In a message of defiance, the Southern Cameroons Liberation leader calls on Biafrans at large to stand tall and strong. The leader says the Abuja government is building a legacy of kidnapping and rendition. Read his full statement


Fellow Ambazonians

IPOB has confirmed the abduction of its leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. I am following the developing situation and will make a comprehensive statement in the days ahead. The Biafran people must remain steadfast in their quest for self-preservation and the actualization of their nation. They must know that genocide before did not destroy the dream. Political asphyxiation did not kill the hopes of millions of Biafrans to exist as a free people.

Cho Ayaba, Ambazonia Liberation Leader

The government in Abuja is building a legacy of kidnapping and rendition. It began with Ambazonians ILLEGALLY kidnapped and unlawfully transferred to a third country (Cameroon). Today it is the leader of the Biafrans. This is a dark page for Biafrans, Nigerian, and indeed the sub-region. The government in Abuja must come to the realization that abduction and rendition of leaders have never addressed the reasons that have compelled peoples to act in defiance of tyranny and oppression. During this dark moment in the life of Biafrans, l call on all of you to pray for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and in his honor and millions of others like him rededicate your efforts in the liberation of your homeland

Dr. Cho Ayaba

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