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UB Strips Ekema Patrick Academic Naked








The University of Buea (UB), has officially revoked the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees awarded to Ekema Patrick Esunge, the intellectually dishonest Mayor of Buea municipality. The decision was taken, Thursday April 5 2018, during the meeting of the Academic Senate.

According to an authoritative source who was part of the meeting but pleaded for anonymity, said all members constituting the Senate, voted for Ekema’s fake certificates to be withdrawn. Speaking exclusively to BaretaNews, the source said every evidence put before the jury, proved Ekema Patrick to have faked his way to the top.

“We scrutinised the allegations put before us, that of Ekema Patrick Esunge, alleged to have faked his bachelor’s and master’s degrees. We examined the files and did more inquiry, but everything pointed to

Patrick Ekema, intellectually dishonest Mayor

the fact that Ekema was guilty of many academic offences. The senate decided to withdraw all his certificates; that is, his master’s and bachelor’s degrees,” our source told us.

Quizzed on why UB took so long to withdraw the certificates, amid several calls after palpable evidence were presented, our source said the university took its time to carryout scientific examination of the whole situation. He asserted that they (senate), dug even deeper to what had been initially presented so as not to run into hasty conclusions.

“It is true that we took some time to make this proclamation. However, we had to dig deeper to all the evidence that had been issued, so we don’t fall in to the temptation of making hasty conclusions. I should also say that there are procedures of revoking a certificate. These procedures must be followed to the latter. I think we took our time to follow all the procedures,” our source said.

BaretaNews also sought to know what implications revoking the certificate would mean for Ekema Patrick and the university.

“In clear terms, Ekema Patrick is considered as an Ordinary Level holder at the moment, since he didn’t even pass A’ levels. That would mean, he never passed through a university. It would be criminal if Ekema Patrick ever brandished any certificate from the University of Buea. As for the university, it will add some credibility fragrance to UB, giving the university did not adhere to any pressure, in exposing mediocrity in the academic milieu,” our source said.

Our credible source said UB would not sue Ekema Patrick for fraudulently getting into the higher institution. However, the Southwest bureau of the National Commission of Human Rights and Freedom (NCHRF), had sued for investigation to be opened in the Ekema Patrick fake certificate scandal. In a letter addressed to the Anthony General of the Southwest Region, the Secretary General of NCHRF, Christopher Tambe Tiku, had called for legal actions to be taking against Ekema Patrick, for faking his way into the academic ladder.

By Bernadette Nkembi,

Ambazonia Roving Reporter – BaretaNews

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