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French Cameroun Soldiers invade Bafut




French Cameroun Soldiers invade Bafut

By Mbah Godlove.

Inhabitants of Bafut Local Government Area in the Northern Zone have remained in doors following the presence of colonial soldiers in major villages.

The elements of occupation are currently in Mambu, Mankwi and other parts of Mumalah such as Njinteh.

Locals have remained in panic as they wander the motif behind the heavy deployment of colonial forces in their land.

“We are just at home this morning for fear of being targeted by the military,” a biker in Mankwi told BN. Churches have been void of Christians this Sunday April 27 owing to fear of repression from the unruly French Cameroun troops. Bafut has been under the high control of Ambazonian Fighters for nearly four years.

Meantime, the fearless freedom military leader, General Suh Nkong and his Fighters are said to be in high moral as they braze up for any eventuality.

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