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The 3 Falsehoods Of The Swiss-led Process



The 3 Falsehoods Of The Swiss-led Process

Falsehood No.1
The Swiss have had only “restorationist” in pre-talks
I want to call your attention to the fact that the Swiss have severally invited federalists (maybe I should even say “unionist” if there be any difference between them) to whatever they have going on in Switzerland. Yes, they have invited them!!
Do you know Sally Likwowo and the group she runs? Do you know that they have been at the Swiss pre-talks? Do you know that she and her group are avowed unionists who believe Ambazonia should be yoked under LRC? Where has she and her group ever professed Ambazonia’s “restoration”?

Falsehood No.2
A Swiss-led Facilitation Process Actually Exist
There is no Swiss-led process in actuality. It does not exist. How can a negotiation process exist when both parties have not committed to it? How can there be a Swiss-led mediation process when Cameroun has not committed to it? The answer is a resounding NO! If you believe to the contrary, come out and show evidence to the Ambazonian people that Cameroun has committed.

A Swiss-led process can only begin to exist when the parties sign unto it. Prior to this happening, it is simply a concept on paper and an idea in the heads of its proponents waiting to be born. It is simply in potency, where it has remained for nine months while our people are slaughtered.

Pre-talks are nothing but consultations to see if a process can begin. The European Institute of Peace (EIP), for example, also had pre-talks but they were genuine enough not to claim an EIP-led Process had begun because they were still working on securing Cameroun’s commitment.

With Cameroun refusing to sign on to the Swiss-drama, the process does not exist in actuality! It is only in the mind of its proponents and to those who hope it could begin to exist such as Guterres and the Swiss HD.

The Swiss lied. Switzerland deceived the international community when nine months ago it claimed that it was engaged in a “Swiss-led facilitation process” with the “consent of the parties.” Nine months down the line, it is still running around like a naked kid in the rain looking for the consent of Cameroun, when it claimed it already had it. Can you not see? Are we so dull not to see these simple lies in 2020? If we cannot, then the Fonchas were better at Foumban.

On April 14th, Christopher Fusch of the HD was asked in a meeting whether Cameroun has committed so a process can begin. He dodged the question, did not answer it, and proffered to talk about Covid-19 as if Switzerland was mediating between Ambazonia and the Coronavirus. Terrible!!

Falsehood No.3
Ambazonia’s flag is in HD’s “pre-talks hall”; therefore, a Swiss-led Process Exist.
I do not know what point you were trying to make by trying to use the presence of an Ambazonia flag standing beside a Swiss flag in HD’s hall to prove that a Swiss-led process exists. This is the fallacy of argumentum non sequitur!!
There are Ambazonians in Britain with a British flag and an Ambazonia flag in their houses. Does that mean a British-led process exists?
Are you so cheap for the HD to use the mere presence of your flag in their hall when they are to meet with you to deceive you easily? Wao!! I thought Ambazonian negotiators will be smart to pick up such clues of deceit when they show themselves.

My dear people

When the Colombian government was resisting committing to potential negotiations with the FARC with NOREF mediating, the rebels gave NOREF 30days to either get the Colombian government on board and stop wasting their time and distracting them, or they will walk out. Within 30days, Norway used power in the international system to bring the Colombia government to the table.
Switzerland has failed to do so because those of you leaking their boots are too weak. They have seen you as people who cannot put their leg on the ground and demand – after nine months (damn!) – that they either get Cameroun on board within 30days or bow out for some other country to rise, invoke power in the international system, and get it done!!!

Stop singing the praises of Switzerland. Stop asking as if without them we can never be independent. Tell Switzerland to deliver or quit!! Tell Switzerland it has been nine months and they should get Biya on the table within 30days or they are fired!! Stop being cheap!!!!
For nine months, Switzerland has been consciously blocking the possibility of another process rising by claiming it has one going on, when there is none; when Biya has shunned them off, and our people keep dying. Prioritize their lives and not the image of Switzerland.
Switzerland is still hanging around just to save face!!

Yes, the USA supports the purported Swiss-led process because the Swiss are still hanging there claiming they have a process going when there is none. When Switzerland bows out and a credible process arises, the USA will support that new process.
Dr. Michael Ashu

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