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La Republique Releases First Batch of Southern Cameroonians



BaretaNews confirmed today that 49 of our people were taken to La Republique jails in Yaounde. 15 were detained at the Police while 34 were detained at the Gendarmerie. We can also confirm that 3 have been released from the police and 10 from the Gendarmerie. They were already on their way to Bamenda. Also, out of 25 of our people who were detained in Bamenda, 21 have been released as of yesterday.

The names of those released from La Republique jails includes:. Aburo Joshua(13 years old), Sama Blaise(14), Maman Nfor Idriss(21),Kenne Kenne Gael(19), Bah Joseph(16), Chafe Blaise(24), Langa Clement (16), Abongwa Roland(29), Fuh Terence(30), Itoe Jonathan (24), Nforche Nforngwa Frankline (26), Ngotum Nges George (29), Abdoulahi Younoussa(33)

It should be noted that there are still more of our compatriots in Yaounde, Kumba and Bamenda. We again maintain the position that all our compatriots MUST BE RELEASED before any kangaroo dialogue with La Republique.

It is sad to see that most of those arrested in Bamenda and taken to Yaounde as well as those in Kumba and Bamenda jails are mostly teens. The rights of these teenagers have been violated. Most of them suffered and still suffering untold barbarism in those jails. We expect all those released to be followed up with a thorough medical check up to ascertain that they are doing fine medically. La Republique will have to pay for all these in due time.

Attached are some pictures of our compatriots released from Bamenda jails mostly teenagers

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