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President Ayuk Julius Tabe And Team Appears In Cameroun Court



Assasination Sisiku Ayuk-Tabe




On January 5, 2018, Sisiku Ayuk Julius Tabe and members of his cabinet were abducted and illegally transferred to Cameroun. It is almost 10 months now since they have not been seen publicly. However, at last, he and his team are presently being arraigned in front of a Cameroun judge inside the chambers at the colonial Court of Appeal, Centre Region of Cameroun.

President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe Julius and 11 others were abducted at Nera Hotel, Abuja, Nigeria and have been since held at the National Gendarmerie Headquarters (SED) in Yaounde after a month in Nigeria custody.

It should be recalled that two from the 11 originally abducted; Barrister Nalowa Bih and Ojong Nkongko had been freed in Nigeria. Barrister Nalowa will be having an exclusive interview with BaretaNews CEO, Mark Bareta on Friday, 2nd November 2018 to understand what has come to be known as the NERA 12 MYSTERY. The 10 in SED includes the following:

1)Sisiku AyukTabe Julius,
2) Nfor Ngala Nfor
3) DR. Fidelis Nde Che
4)Dr. Henry Kimeng
5) Prof. Awasum
6)Dr. Cornelius Kwanga,
7)Elias Eyambe,
8)Tassang Wilfred,
9)Dr. OGORK Ntui
10) Shufai Blaise Berinyuy

Barristers Fru John Nsoh, Paddy Yong, Michele Ndoki and Hans from Barrister Ndong Christopher’s office have been seen at the Yaounde Court of Appeal today, Thursday, November 1, 2018. waiting to defend the Ambazonia leaders.

Worthy to recall that the war in Southern Cameroons has claimed at least, 3,000 lives, all unarmed civilians murdered by Cameroun Biya’s Forces, +500.000 internally displaced persons, more than 170 villages burnt, +50.000 refugees in Nigeria and daily maiming, killings etc.

BaretaNews is following developments

Mark Bareta

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