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Joint Restoration Forces Arrest Newly Appointed GCE Board Chair









Breaking News: Lebialem Boils

BaretaNews uptown office in Menji Local Government Area is reporting that the newly appointed Board Chair of the GCE Board, Prof Ivo Leke Tambo, who this morning led a delegation to Lebialem in defiance of the order of the land may have been picked up by a joint operation of the Tigers Of Ambazonia and the Lebialem Defence force. We are told the delegation met their waterloo as they left Alou to Menji to celebrate Biya’s appointments of the GCE Board Chair. The people did not only deserted them but a joint patrol of restoration forces acted to enforce the laws of the land.

Unfortunately for Mr. Fogab Pierre, former Mayor Of Alou, he was shot and wounded as he tried to remove barricades on the road mounted by restoration forces. He should be receiving treatment hopefully. We learned the few gendarmes in the said delegation escaped into the bush and ran for their lives. The rest delegation have all ran, most of them going back to Dchang. Some of them (officials) we are told have been arrested by the restoration forces .

The restoration forces acting in Lebialem have earlier warned that it is not going to business as usual. They said Lebialem is under the control of Ambazonia and they shall not tolerate anything La Republique in their land. We are keeping developments on this.

Mark Bareta
17/3/2018, 13:00 PM Amba Time.

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