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La Republique Dispatches Military Killing Squad To Belgium In The Name Of Study Leave









Dr Larry Ayamba is the AGC diplomat who today made a call to the office of La Republique Ambassador in Belgium. Over a week now, BaretaNews had received credible and confirm information that a dozen La Republique military men have been sent to Belgium based in Brussels for a so called study leave. It beats our imagination that the military is currently engaging in a useless and senseless war then turned around to send military men for study leave in Belgium. We are aware that the mission of these men is not to study, these are killer squads sent to Brussels to monitor and kill activists in Belgium and in the schengen area. The AGC diplomat based in Belgium in his authoritative and warning calls to La Republique embassy made our position clear: If anything should happen to any activists within the schengen area then Ambazonians in Europe will pour to Brussels and all La Republique embassies to do justice to them and their staff. Read the AGC Statement herein attached.


The Secretary of State (SS) of the Ambazonia Governing Council (AGC), Department of Foreign Affairs – Dr Larry AYAMBA, today Friday June 28, 2018 delivered a ‘STERN WARNING’ message to LRC Ambassador to Belgium (H.E. Daniel EVINA ABE’E )

Speaking over the phone, the SS told the Ambassador that, his office had received reliable & credible information that a dozens of Cameroun’s military soldiers are in Belgium on a so called study leave/mission.
The no-nonsense Sec of State of the AGC told the Ambassador in plain English that, unfortunately for him and the Yaoundé regime, Ambazonian in Europe know that the mission of the said military soldiers dispatched to Belgium was not a study leave/mission.

The SS is quoted to had said “Let me WARN you & your embassy that , if any of these bandits/assassins dare to approach, injure or poison any Ambazonian in Europe, Ambazonians will rain on you, your staffs and all LRC institutions in Brussels/Europe like the ‘TSUNAMI’ you’d never seen.

Ambassador Daniel EVINA ABE’E politely denied any knowledge of the allegations as he described it as unfounded and requested to know if this was a threat from the SS?

The Sec. of State again reminded him that we’re at war – a war that was declared on Ambazonians by his paymaster (Bi Mvondo) and made it categorically clear that it was a WARNING that should be taken very seriously.

AGC Department of Foreign Affairs
State Department

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