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Tears Flow In Pinyin Over Brutal Killings



Tears Flow In Pinyin Over Brutal Killings.

By Mbah Godlove.

The population of Pinyin, a village in Mezam County, have been in consternation after French Cameroun soldiers invaded the area, killing two old women.

Sources say the colonial forces raided the village earlier this Friday July 23 to retaliate the defeat suffered on the battle ground from Ambazonia Forces recently. They accused the two women as mothers of Ambazonia Forces.

As they made their way around the locality, two old women were gunned down.

Popularly known as Mami Frida, this quiet-looking woman is one of the two who were murdered in Pinyin today by Cameroun Forces , according to multiple village sources.

According to local media reports, the colonial elements murdered the two innocent women on the basis that their children are Ambazonia Fighters. Apart from the killings, the forces of occupation looted property and razed several houses before leaving Pinyin.

Friday’s invasion has left locals in tears as they mourn the two mothers.

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