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Ghost Town Bites Hard in Ambazonian Capital of Buea, as Frustrated Mayor Broke into Shops Like a Thief

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Ghost Town Bites Hard in Ambazonian Capital of Buea, as Frustrated Mayor Broke into Shops Like a Thief

Buea, the Federal Capital of Ambazonia, has been more of a desert since morning, today Monday July 23rd 2018.  Denizens all stayed indoors observing the normal weekly ghost town declared by the interim government of Ambazonia. The Streets of the capital city were completely void of humans and vehicular movements. All shops have been under lock and key, in defiance to a repeated order from the colonial Mayor of the town banning the ghost town operations for the umpteenth time.

Stubborn colonial agent Ekema Patrick had two weeks ago promised punitive measures against economic operators who respect the ghost towns, promising his personal supervision of normal activities and total security in town. The release was welcomed with a very tensed ghost town that took away the lives of 7 paramilitary officers and two civilians, after Ambazonian restoration forces stormed the city clashing with the terrorist forces.

In another press release, late last week, Ekema reminded the people that Monday (June 23) remained a normal working day. A word of caution to denizens who planned to respect the orders of the interim government of Ambazonia.

“He further informs them (businesses) to stop respecting the so-called ghost town from unknown individuals… Defaulters of the above Municipal Order will have their businesses sealed till further notice considering that several communiques and press conferences have been held with them to desist from this phenomenon.” The communique read in part.

With yet another defiance from the people, the colonialist under the cover of colonial terrorist forces went about the town breaking open some shops and sealing off others around the Council premises at the Independence Avenue. He is quoted to have boasted that so long as he remains Mayor of Buea, ghost towns must come to an end.

Restoration forces have however, reminded him that gone are those days when he used to move around with a pistol and a gang of colonial terrorists intimidating the people and destroying their businesses.

Speaking this afternoon to the Commander of the Restoration forces stationed around Buea, he told BaretaNews that;

“Let him (Mayor Ekema) not run again, let him just stay in Buea and be causing those atrocities. I can assure you we will surprise him. he decided to take advantage of the fact that we did not come out today to be committing criminal activities by breaking into shops of his enemies, while double locking others. We are warning him to stop harassing Ambazonians. He shouldn’t further complicate the punishment we have planned for him after we finally arrest him in the nearest future”

After failing to secure visas to either the USA, Switzerland and Norway where he anted to run for safety, the colonialist Ekema seem to have come back fully ready for the fight with the Restoration forces.

He has reportedly in connivance with some pro CPDM youths and elites of Buea, formed an anti-revolutionary militia which he intends to use in fighting the Ambazonian Restoration forces. According to BaretaNews’ high level intelligence within colonial regime, this anti-revolutionary militia shall be implicated and wasted as blood sacrifices for the reelection of their god Paul Biya, after using them against the people’s revolution. The public should therefore watch out for another Pinyin-Menka style massacre in Buea.


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